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Prevent your citizens from attack


To prevent citizen and tourists of any heavy vehicles' intrusion, Turin city in Italy has chosen Publifor security barriers to protect important events from attack. These measures are implemented following the Nice and Berlin terrorists' attacks. Betafence security barriers were already adopted during summer at the Salone del Gusto event in the Valentino Park, immediately after the Nice massacre.

On New Year's Eve celebration, Piazza San Carlo was surrounded with Publifor security barriers, and the place can be accessed through five gates manned by police and carabinieri. All the year-end concert goes passed through metal detecting check-points. Throughout the evening, counter-terrorist units, police and carabinieri, the explosives' detection dogs, and many plainclothes agents were on duty. GTT underground parking access was also patrolled. 

Security barrier Publifor

In a certain way, Betafence participates in 2017 New year celebrating! Nice or Berlin attacks can happen everywhere, at any moment, thus the necessity to secure these important events.

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