Anti Ram Safety Barrier

The anti-ram vehicle barrier is a certified system that withstands the impact of a vehicular attack, ideal for sensitive sites, borders and high-risk industries. 

- Certified technology
- Stopping power 
- Rapid replacement 
- Solar LED


EN - Flyer Crash Rated Fence

Available in :
Betafence Europe
United Kingdom
Betafence UK&I
Betafence USA
Betafence MENA
South & Central Africa
Betafence Africa
Betafence Asia & Oceania

Technical Information

Simplistic 3 cable design


A. Terminal post 
B. Line post
C. 3 cables 
D. Intermediate line or fence* post 
* If integrated within fence system


The anti-ram 3 cable barrier system can be seamlessly integrated into all types of fencing systems,

combining an aesthetically attractive look with immense anti-ram force protection.*


Crash gates

In line with the anti-ram performance of the fence, a corresponding crash-tested and certified sliding gate ensures the same anti-ram force protection at the access points of the perimeter.

Crash-tested and certified anti-ram performance

The current worldwide applicable rating systems are defined by a combination of the size, velocity and angle of approach of the design vehicle (which can be translated into kinetic energy) and the allowable penetration distance.
In order to ensure the proper anti-ram performance, each type of anti-ram barrier has an authentic crash test certificate that clearly indicates the impact conditions and the penetration rate of the applicable rating system (DOS or ASTM).


Contact our specialised team for your request. All projects are subject to study by our engineers.

Solar LED

Optional solar-powered LED lights are waterproof, robust and offer a running time of up to 12 hours. Colours available are: red, green, blue, orange, amber and white.

Coating technique

Galvanised or polyester coated for long life protection.

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