Armapipe Betafence

Armapipe®: Betafence's solution for pipeline reinforcement 

Armapipe® is a spot-welded mesh of galvanized low-carbon steel wire used to reinforce the concrete coating of pipelines.

Armapipe® Design

ARMAPIPE® is a spot-welded mesh of galvanized low-carbon steel wire used to reinforce the concrete coating of pipelines. The line wires (six for the standard of 7,5") are deeply crimped in the middle between two cross wires.

The product is designed in such a way that, when applied with a 1" overlap, a perfectly homogeneous distribution of the circumferential wires is obtained.


Technical specifications:

  • AS-05-09: Armapipe® standard + TF 01 AS-05-09
  • AS-05-24: New Armapipe®
  • AS-05-25: New Light Armapipe® + TF 01 AS-05-25

New Armapipe® meets ASTM specifications:

  • A 641-91 (regular zinc coating)
  • A 90-91 (test method for weight of zinc coating)
  • A 82-85 (tensile strength)
  • A 185-85 (weld shear strength)

Test certificates available on request.

Betafence is holder of the ISO 9002 Quality certification

Armapipe® tailored concept

The percentage of circumferential and longitudinal reinforcement is generally specified by the engineering contractors:

CSAL: Longitudinal Cross-Sectional Area of the reinforcement

CSAT: Transverse Cross-Sectional Area of the reinforcement

The line wires (dL) and the cross wires (dC) are calculated in function of:

  • the specified percentage of reinforcement
  • the thickness of the concrete D (mm)
  • the number of layers (n)
Armapipe graph
Amapipe grpah 2

Armapipe® coating advantages

The exceptional continuity and uniformity of New Armapipe® enhance even more the ability of the concrete coating to withstand impact.

The high bonding level between the concrete and the reinforcement obtained by a combination of the high specific surface and an optimum spread of the reinforcement throughout the entire layer of concrete increases the impact resistance of the coating.

The high degree of flexibility in the longitudinal direction of the pipe is important for spreading and minimising cracks during the laying of the pipeline.

A coating reinforced with New Armapipe® has uniform compressive strength.

The use of hot-dip galvanized wire extends the lifetime of the reinforcement.

Armapipe® delivery

Betafence has manufacturing sites in several countries with the capability of handling some major projects at the same time.

For smaller projectsArmapipe® standard, which is available from stock (technical specification AS-05-09), is recommended.

New Armapipe® is supplied in different widths, roll lengths, and crimp factors in function of the requirements and the equipment of the coating contractors and the pipe specifications. The result is a cost-effective coating that meets all specifications.

Roll width (standard):

  • 190,5 mm - 7,5", including crimp
  • Other widths on request

The core diameter of the rolls:

  • 200mm

Roll length

Depending on wire thickness and roll size.

Outside diameter of the rolls:

  • Standard size: max. 800 mm
  • Large size:
    • max. 1.100 mm for container shipment
    • max. 1.200 mm for truck shipment


Bundles strapped with steel strips. Each package has an identification label and a colour code on the steel strip.