Betafence USA

Betafence is the industry leader and strategic business partner of choice for outdoor perimeter security products. Specializing in the design, supply, project management of total perimeter protection; our experience covers the world’s most security-sensitive assets.


Betafence sets standards of excellence on the US Market

Our team of fence professionals at Betafence constantly strives to be the best in the industry - in customer service and innovative product systems. It is part of our Core Values, and is central to our growth as the leading manufacturer of revolutionary security and architectural fence and gate products.

Betafence has set an industry standard of fence solutions excellence. Betafence has been a product development pioneer and sales leader in security and architectural fencing. Now, globally proven systems, backed by a company with sales in 100 nations around the world, are available to our U.S. customers.


Please find below our main products per category



Our areas of expertise are broad

- Securing schools,
- Residential areas,
- Commercial and industrial property,
- Parks, public spaces,
- Energy plants, data centers,
- Sports facilities,
- Correctional facilities,
- Airports, railways, and borders...

Our security products can meet divergent needs. Our specialized team will propose the most suitable approach to the specific situation, the security level required and the risk assessment.



Betafence is member of a number of industry organizations

- The American Correctional Association,
- American Fence Association (AFA),
- Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA),
- American Welding Society (AWS),
- ASTM International,
- American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).


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Residential range

Betafence USA provides residential fencing that offers an attractive look and unique design that allows the panels to rack to follow changes in grade, including
- Residential Fencing and Gates
- Ornamental Fencing and Gates 

Architectural Range

Betafence USA provides domestically-produced security fence and gates, using U.S. made steel and aluminum, including:
- Ornamental Fencing and Gates
- Welded Wire Fencing and Gates
- Commercial Property Perimeter Fencing and Partitions
- Box Store - Garden Center - Solutions
- Anti-Cut, Anti-Climb Metal Fencing

Security Range

Betafence USA provides domestically-produced security fence and gate, using U.S. made steel and aluminum, including:
- Modular Security Mesh Systems
- Vehicular-Resistant Anti-Crash Fencing and Gates
- Industrial Perimeter Fencing and Partitioning
- Correctional - Prison and Jail
- Anti-Cut, Anti-Climb Metal Fencing
- Utility and Chemical Facility

As the world leader in security fencing, we have engineered products designed to help you Deter, Detect and Delay potential threats. For more information on our possibilities, please contact us.

We understand that the need to feel safe has become prevalent and we are committed to protecting everything people cherish and value. Our customers are our number one priority, we ensure that the products developed by our team of specialists are the most suitable for your specific needs.