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Betafence is the industry leader for perimeter security products and specializes in total perimeter protection, design, supply, and project management. With our expert teams on hand to find the right solution for your requirements, and our premier distributor, Master Halco, located throughout the United States and Canada, Betafence products are readily available to protect the world's most security sensitive areas.


Betafence sets standards of excellence on the US Market

We understand the need to feel safe has become ever more prevalent, and we are committed to providing the solutions you need to protect the assets you have.

Our team of professionals are the best in the industry with a customer focused ethos we ensure out products, developed by our team of engineers, are the most suitable for your specif needs. We also understand the urgency of that need and are proud to welcome Master Halco to our family of distributors.





Master Halco, the largest wholesale distributor of fencing products across the US and Canada, is Betafence's exclusive distributor of Prism 3-D in North America. 

Our Prism 3-D fencing secures residential and commercial facilities, transportation railways, public spaces, waterways, schools, parks, and much more.






Prism 3-D


Supplying Expert Solutions

- Securing schools, colleges, and residential properties.
- Creating a safe space around parks, sports facilities, and public spaces.
- Securing commercial and industrial facilities.
- Providing perimeter protection to utilities, transportation railways, and waterways.
- Enhancing perimeter security for data centers and correctional facilities.
- Providing high level security solutions for border control and critical infrastructure.



Prism 3-D Commericial range

Prism 3-D is engineered to secure school perimeters, to protect parks and commercial real estate.

This strong, low maintenance fence is an attractive, and affordable solution to chain link. 

Prism 3-D



TruView Residential Range

Our premium residential fencing that offers an attractive ornamental style steel fence for your home or community.

TruView is engineered to match uneven and hilly terrain for an aesthetically pleasing look.



Palisade Architectural Range

Using high strength steel, our domestically produced security fence provides anti-cut and anti-climb protection for your high-security needs.






Betafence is member of a number of industry organizations

- The American Correctional Association,
- American Fence Association (AFA),
- Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA),
- American Welding Society (AWS),
- ASTM International,
- American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).


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