Manuals for automated sliding gate


Instruction manual for the VFD-EL frequency converter

Instruction manual of the DAAB automatic control unit EP104


Betafence recommendation for your sliding gate

How to install a Cantilever sliding gate?

Our manuals are regularly updated and are the starting point of any motorized sliding gate installation or maintenance. These manuals are available 4 languages for our main markets. Each of our offices can also support your technician in case of difficulties during the installation. Our sliding gates are engineered for professionals. It's important to be aware that automated sliding gates can be extremely dangerous if not correctly installed. We always recommend to consult and use a professional and Betafence certified installer for motorized gates.

How to find Spare parts for Cantilever sliding gate?

We recommend you to consult our Dealer locator section, where you can find all the addresses of our official distributors. Main gates spare parts such as electronic cards or roller set are available from stock at Betafence warehouse in Belgium. Even if you order through a distributor, we can directly ship you the needed spare part by TNT. This one of our SLA, to deliver as quickly as possible spare parts, so customers can repair their gates after any damages.

Cantilever sliding gate spare parts guaranty?

All of our electronic and mechanical parts are guaranteed 2 years if you can attest that your gate has a maintenance contract. Many countries in the world, regulated by law, access control maintenance with a mandatory yearly contract. The gate should at least be inspected once a year unless a guaranty will not be effective.
This is also a question of security, like access control, if they are not maintained, can injure people if a default occurs in one of its parts. We recently hear in Europe a situation where a heavy accident was due to maintenance default on sliding gates while people were passing through.

Which material is used to manufacture your sliding gates?

We produce metal sliding gates, but not yet composite gates. Each profile or mesh panels are welded, protected and plastified on our large coating line. We are able to answer to very large gate entrance dimensions. Please consult us if any requirements.