Sport fence with noise reduction system

Betafence's unique sports fence system Bekasport with noise dampening clips helps reduce noise nuisance caused by ball impacts on the fence.

- High fencing
- High rigidity
- Limit impact & noise on the neighborhood
- Suitable up 6-meter height


EN - Flyer Bekasport

Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
Available in :
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United Kingdom
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South & Central Africa
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Technical Information

Bekasport system

  • The Bekasport post system is available for ball-stop in heights up to 6 meters. 
  • The use of Nylofor 2D Super panels makes the whole system extremely rigid
  • Our certified damping clips limit the sound generated by a ball striking the sport fence
  • Panels by 200 x 50 and 200 x 100 are combined

Double bar panels

We recommend to install Bekasport posts with Nylofor 2D Super:

- till 2 m high: 200 x 50 mm
- from 2 m high: 200 x 100 mm

Posts Profile

The rectangular posts are equipped with plastic sound damping clips. Thanks to a special insert in the posts these clips are located within the post. This means that the clip is an installation aid for hanging the panels. After hanging, the panel is fixed to the Bekasport post by means of adapted steel clips.

  • Tubular posts with a square cross-section
  • The sport-fence posts are equipped with keyhole-shaped slots for fixing the panels by means of special fixing clamps
  • Synthetic cap
  • Cross-section of the post (depending on the post length): 
    • 80 x 50 mm 
    • 100 x 50 mm
    • 120 x 50 mm


Fixing sets for sports fence including: 

  • Plastic fixator + nut (pre-assembled)
  • Metal cover plate PES coated in RAL 9005
  • Bolt M8x45


Additionally and to complete the system, left and right corner plates are available, so your installation is very professional, with one post you can create easily corners situation.


Coating technique and colors

Panels are made out of galvanized wires. An adhesion coating is given for a perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 microns).


All colors on request.


Sports, playgrounds or recreational facilities.

  Nylofor 2D Super panels
W x H
Post dimensions
Fence height

Mesh 200x50 mm
width x height

Mesh 200 x 100 mm
width x height

Number of fixators
per post
Overall posts length
Profile posts

3 100

2500 X 2030 

2500 x 1030  10  3800  80 x 50 x 3.00  15.29

4 100

2500 X 2030

2500  x 2030  12  4800  80 x 50 x 3.00  15.29

5 170

2500 X 2030

2500 x 2030 &
2500 X 1030
 16  6000  100 x 50 x 3.00  21.29

6 170

2500 X 2030 2500 x 2030 (x2)  18  7000  120 x 50 x 4.00  35.64

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