Security fence with small aperture

Betaview® is the leading security system in South Africa consisting of welded wire mesh panels, associated posts, and original stainless steel fixing mechanisms. A range of wire diameter combinations exists to deliver different levels of security.

- Small apertures make it hard to cut & climb.
- Excellent visibility and from a distance appear almost invisible.
- Various wire thickness combinations, depending on the level of security required.
- Manufactured in South Africa.

Note: Top rails shown in all pictures are optional extras and not standard features.

ENSA - Flyer Betaview System - South Africa assortment

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Betafence guarantee 10 years pvc zincalu-super
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Technical Information

Complete and rigid panel & post system

Betaview® is a complete system designed to deliver protection against breakthrough or scaling attempts. Panel widths comply with the 3m wide insulator spacing requirement for electric fence installations.
Incorporating reinforced V bends across the panel increases its rigidity and reduces the need for a framed steel structure. Ideal for residential & lifestyle estates, commercial use, educational & healthcare facilities, and industrial areas.

System description

Betaview is a complete perimeter security system consisting of original Betafence panels, posts, and stainless steel spider bracket fixators. Combined, these components deliver the aesthetic high-security protection the Betaview system is known for.

- Panel width: 3050 mm
- Aperture: 76.2 x 12.8 mm
- Core wire diameter: 3 mm & 4mm versions available
- 3mm horizontal & 4mm vertical wire version is available - ask us about Betaview 3/4 Combo

Bekafix Secure

Bekafix Secure

POST AND FIXING MECHANISMS: Carefully designed compatible posts and superior fixing mechanisms maintain the complete installation’s integrity and protection levels. The panel is safely tucked away behind the H profile of the post and fixed with a bracket. Stainless steel M8 tamper-proof bolts are bolted through the post and secured with shear-off nuts to provide maximum resistance against tampering. Ask us about which post is the most suitable for your requirements.

Coating technique and colors

Panels are made out of Zincalu® Super core wires. Optional coating of superior PVC ads extra longevity and resistance to corrosion.
- Anthracite RAL 7021
- Zincalu Super

Nominal Fence Height (mm)


Width x Height (mm)

Number of reinforcements per panel

Post length (mm)

Number of fixators / post

Bolts (m8x50mm), washers & shear-off nuts / post
Standard system's wire diameter = 3mm
1800 3050 x 1785 3 2400 14 7
2100 3050 x 1988 3 2700 14 7
2400 3050 x 2392 4 3000 16 8
Betaview 3/4 combo technical specification


Ask us about different wire thickness combinations and the most suitable post for your installation.