Cantilever or on rail sliding gate: manual or electric

Need Safe, Effective Access Control? Here's Why A Sliding Gate Is A Great Choice. The control of your company is key to manage a flow of vehicles and maintain the safety of your services. Betafence offers different models and solutions of sliding gates to control your entrance. Our sliding gates are presented on rail or cantilever, manual, motorizable or motorized, but always conform to regulation and CE norms, in any situation. Consult our range to close your perimeter with professional gates built to last long.

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The "expert" gate

The design, construction, and finish of our Bekamatic® SC automatic cantilever results from over 15 years of practical experiences from installations combined with Betafence's superior technological know-how.

- Cantilever automatic gate
- Intensive use
- Highly resistant coating with a strong construction
- Special executions possible
- Easy installation


The "indispensable" gate on rail

Robusta® bottom track sliding gates have proper guiding posts bridge, a rail with accessories and a closing posts bridge with a lock.

- Security of operation
- Robust construction
- Large execution range
- Proven reliability