Panels fence post for installation without accessories

Quixolid®  Plus is a fence post without accessory, galvanised, polyester coated and finished with a plastic end cap.

- No accessory required
- High rigidity
- Compatibility with flat and profile panels
- Attractive design


EN - Flyer Quixolid Plus

Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information

The new 2017 Quixolid Plus profile

Early 2017, Betafence launched the redesigned version of the famous fence post without accessory: Quixolid Plus
This post restyling offers a lot of new advantages :

  • New steel, which gives a higher strength to the post
  • New front shape, with Betafence logo, included in the post: a nicer design, and the guaranty for the customer to get a "real" Betafence Quixolid Plus post.
  • New technology which makes that post compatible with bend and flat post: Nylofor 2D, Nylofor F, Zenturo, Nylofor 3D, Bekafor.... all these ranges are now compatible with Quixolid Plus.


  • No accessory post
  • Profiled plate with slots for horizontal wires
  • Diameter: 75 x 50 mm
  • Slots every 100 mm
  • I/V: 5,39 m³
  • A plastic cap closes the profile at the top and avoids drainage and stagnation of water in the Quixolid Plus post



  • Base plate (different from Bekafix post)
  • Possible to install a bent arm for 3 rows of barbed wire
  • Easy tensioning tool thanks to its designed handle. It ensures a correct installation and tension of your fence

Our Quixolid plus posts can easily be combined with PVC/concrete plates installed below your panel, and thus without additional accessories. Check with the enclosed document the plate dimensions we recommend.
Base plate compatibility


  • Corners from 60° to 180° can be made with the same fence post Quixolid Plus
  • Thanks to the standard shape of the post, it allows installation of concrete base plate without any additional plateholders

Coating technique and colors


Quixolid Plus fences post is fully galvanized inside and outside. Finished with a polyester coating of at least 60 microns.

Standard Colours

Green RAL 6005 - Black RAL 9005 - White RAL 9010 - Anthracite RAL 7016
Others available on request, with minimum quantities.

Post length Fence height on base plate Fence height in concrete
675 mm 630 mm -
875 mm 830 mm -
1075 mm 1030 mm 630 mm
1275 mm 1230 mm 830 mm
1475 mm 1430 mm 1030 mm
1575 mm 1530 mm -
1675 mm 1630 mm 1230 mm
1775 mm 1730 mm -
1875 mm(1) 1830 mm -
1975 mm 1930 mm 1430/1530 mm
2075 mm(1) 2030 mm 1630 mm
2175 mm - 1730 mm
2475 mm 2430 mm 1830/1930 mm
2575 mm - 2030 mm
3075 mm(2) - 2430 mm

(1) Not hold in stock. (2) Only Green color in stock. Delivery time for no standard color = 4/6 weeks

Quixolid Plus video