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Betafence, helping Architects and Construction Professionals to create specifications using BIM objects: available on the NBS Library for free, a new way of creating your fencing projects.

Betafence Bim

BIM: the solution for easy and efficient project design

Betafence offer an extensive range of BIM models for fences and gates including the popular Securifor®, Decofor®, Bekamatic®, CreaZen®, Zenturo®, Robusta®, Nylofor®  perimeter systems. All these are available in IFC and Revit formats on the NBS National BIM Library.

BIM is an effective technology designed to assist those involved in project design to help ease the specification process. BIM aides the construction sector by easily mapping and planning physical spaces, It is a regulation which is becoming increasingly integrated across Europe. 


Map bim in Europe

Road to BIM in Europe

The road to BIM implementation in Europe is on its way. Even in countries where it is not yet mandatory, many companies are taking the initiative and are using it. There are several targets, mandates and national strategies to influence professionals so that they shift towards digitalization in the industry and have a common language of BIM. Europe understands that collaboration across borders and standardizing common practices is the key to success and the governments are playing a key role in it.

Most promising technologies for construction

Due to the increasing popularity of BIM across Europe, there is an increasing number of movements and initiatives. Several independent studies have underlined the main barriers for BIM adoption: low demand, absence of national standards, initial investment or lack of knowledge and experience of stakeholders involved in the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering & Construction). The uses for BIM vary depending on the requirement in the construction and facilities management chain. Therefore, training and further research are needed to reach the skills required.

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