IWA 14-1 tested Anti-Ram Mobile Fence

A temporary fencing system providing anti-ram protection. Quick deployment and re-deployment make Publifor HVM ideal for public events and quick cordoning off of security sensitive areas.

- Surface mounted hostile vehicle mitigation
- IWA 14-1 impact tested & crash rated (concrete filled)
- Up to 25 meters installed in 1 hour
- Easy cornering & stepping


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Technical Information


With the emergence of new aggressive attacks, we understood our customers were looking for an efficient but temporary solution to prevent their activities or business. With our large manufacturer experience, we developed and patented a roadblock system, called Publifor HVM for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. This system is crash tested according to IWA 14-1 2013 standards,  and receives V/7200[N2A]/64/90:3.5 (with 15 units) classification.

Publifor HVM is the security solution, all companies, states or organisation is looking for when they want to protect temporary events such as:
- Sports competition
- VIP visits
- Demonstrations
- Transport and critical infrastructures
- Concerts, etc...

Publifor HVM Base

The system is composed of a base filled with concrete. The base has two sides: the attacking side and the protection side. Each block can be assembled to each other thanks to "tooth and pin" specifically designed locks.
Under each base, an 8 mm rubber lining is positioned, increasing further Publifor's stopping power. The base width (without lock pin) is 1700 mm, with 1000 mm hight.
Thanks to these specific dimensions, the system offers very easy cornering & stepping installation.

Publifor base
Publifor protection base
The attacking side  The protected side
Publifor base
Publifor base


 After a chock situation, there is no possibility to open or dissociate bases after the impact.

These bases, originally foresee to be filled with concrete to get the certification, can be also filled with sand or water. If you select this option, they will not offer the same crash protection classification

Publifor HVM panels

Publifor HVM road blockers are available with 4 different panels possibilities:

Publifor HVM + Securifor
Publifor HVM + Nylofor 2d
Publifor HVM + polycarbonate
- Securifor 358 high security panels
- Securifor 4D heavy mesh panels
- Nylofor 2D, double bars panels - Polycarbonate plate, for full transparency.


Publifor HVM Handling and installation

Publifor HVM Base plates are packed on a pallet which contains 3 bases. In a 40' container, it's possible to load 36 units, i.e. 12 pallets of 3 units each.
With a forklift, you can install 25 meters in 1 hour.

Publifor Hvm palett
Publifor HVM installation