The high speed line between Córdoba and Málaga is part of the Ministry of Developments Infrastructures Strategic Plan.

The construction and exploration were awarded by Adif, the railway infrastructures manager, to UTE Ecisa Aldilop. The line was projected in 1999, as part of NAFA - Nuevo Acceso Ferroviario a Andalucía (New Railway Access to Andalusia) and runs through 19 Andalusia municipalities of Córdoba, Sevilla and Málaga. With a double route of a total length of 155 km, and exclusively directed for passengers only, is designed and prepared for a maximum speed of 350 km per hour.

Betafence Projects also contributed to this new railway construction project: around 1300000 m2 of Hexanet plastic were installed. The mentioned product had a specific mesh, wire diameter and coating, specially developed with the purpose of providing protection against the rabbits plague. The main advantages and reasons that were the base to the clients choice of Betafence products were: our products quality; excellent price/quality rate; business advice and Betafence structural dimension as the worlds leader in physical perimeter fencing systems, and production capability to provide 1 or 2 trucks per week, during 18 months.

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