The horizontal panels in unusual colour

The Horizon panels were chosen to match the classic architecture of the house. This unusual brown colour perfectly matches the cream colour of the front elevation of the house.

The Polish customer decided, with the help of our distributor Ledwoń, that the horizontal panels will be the best combination of classical design and high level of security. Why else did he decide to choose Horizen?

  • The Horizen panels are designed to protect household thanks to small spaces between spans. This solution prevents climbing on the fence.
  • Panels are also designed to be installed at different angles which makes it easy to adjust to the terrain architecture.
  • This product is very friendly to do an installation on your own. Horizen panels are a completely new line of Betafence products, which fits in with current fence trends.

Horizontal layout of the rungs has become very popular due to its classic design, which fits most styles of architectural properties. The other advantage is that they will easily fit your neighbour fence if you are living in the row housing area. In that case, you can also choose together the Horizen panels to create the coherent living area. This house is located in Odolanów in Wielkopolskie voivodeship, Poland. The Horizen panels are customized to different atmospheric conditions – they are made of galvanized steel profiles, and then coated with polyester powder (minimum 60 micrometres). Not only panels are protected, the posts are also galvanized inside and outside in accordance with EN 10326. Then they are coated with polyester powder (minimum 60 micrometres). Horizen panels are available in standard colours such as grey (RAL 7030), green (RAL 6005), black (RAL 9005), white (RAL 9010), anthracite (RAL 7016), structural anthracite (7016S), structural black (9005S). We also have in our offer nonstandard colours such as RAL 9006, BF7016M, RAL 7021, RAL 7039, RAL 7040, RAL 8016, RAL 8017, RAL 8019, RAL 9007. The other colours, not included here are available on the request. If you like the coherent image of the house and the fence and you are a fan of the classic design, the Horizen panels are the perfect match for you.

Why? Because all elements of the Horizen system - apart from the panels the Horizen system includes also single swing gates, double-swing and sliding gates as well as posts - they have been designed to create one coherent line.

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