A new housing estate in Poznań fenced with Nylofor 2D panels In 2017 our distributor PEMA was responsible for the fencing at the new housing estate in Poznań.

The developer opted for Nylofor 2D fence panels in a grey shade, which perfectly complements the modern character of the housing estate architecture and grey accents in the form of balconies.

Why did the developer decide to fence small gardens available for flats on the ground floor with our Nylofor 2D panels? The first argument in favour is that the Nylofor 2D and Nylofor 2D Super fence panels consist of heavy welded panels, rectangular posts and a wide range of Nylofor swing gates and Robusta sliding gates. These are particularly important elements, as the developer can decide at any moment, to complete the fence with additional elements without affecting the appearance of the entire arrangement. Nylofor single swing gates are recommended in places where safety and optimal protection of the area are the most important issue. All their elements - frame, filling and posts - have a solid construction. In addition, they are equipped with an external lock with a secure, adjustable closure. Another advantage is that, due to the heaviness of the welded panels, the fence is resistant to deformation and sometimes discerning atmospheric conditions. This means a successful investment for years without worrying about the frequent costs of potential repairs or maintenance of the fence.

Nylofor 2D panels can also be complemented with Colorado or Screeno Wave privacy fencing. This decision will probably depend on the owners of particular premises. Why is it worth thinking about the privacy fencing? Most of all they do provide privacy in the garden. Thanks to them, the family members can protect themselves from the eyes of passers-by without the need of extensive interference in the current fence. What is Colorado solution? The Colorado system is a high-quality roll made of HDPE, designed for filling Nylofor F and Nylofor 2D and 2D Super panels. The Colorado system is normally available in green or anthracite, and on request in other colours. The other solution, Screeno Wave screens, are flexible and tape-cut to the length of the panel. You can easily interlace the tape horizontally through the eyelets of an existing or newly installed fence system without using additional tools. All you have to do is to interweave the tape through rows of eyelets to make sure that the fence will protect your privacy in an instant.

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