Manuals for Cantilever sliding gates


Electrical drawings of the motor FAAC C720

Electrical drawings of the motor FAAC C780D


We give you more information our Cantilever gates Robusta

What means SC in our product name?

S is for sliding and C for Cantilever.

What is the difference between a Cantilever sliding door and on rail?

They are major. If you chose a gate on a rail, you'll need to install your rail in concrete. You can also ask for a split rail (but only for dimensions up to 6 meters width). Rail is an obstacle to the street. This is not an issue if your entrance is mostly for a truck. This can be embarrassing if pedestrians and bicycles use the entrance as they can fall on it if they do not pay attention. This kind of installation is also more expansive if you consider that you need to install your rail into the concrete.

If you chose a cantilever model (a little bit more expansive than on rail), your entrance is free. No need to do heavy work to install the rail. It's also much more easy to operate the gate thanks to its cantilever effect.