Rackable railing Panels

The unique design of UpGrade and way of construction make him one of the strongest railing proposed on the market.

 - Flexible and efficient installation
 - Aesthetic protection
 - Superior anti-corrosion coating
- Specific bracket for installation in slope

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Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information

Upgrade® is designed to suit commercial and industrial environments. It is a complete system that allows you to secure a perimeter with a quality picket fence. The Upgrade Summit design features two horizontal rails to provide important strength to your panel, one at the bottom and one at the top.

Railing panels Upgrade

The bar elements that make up the panels are joined together without welding, thus avoiding corrosion attack points. This method is unique and offers great advantages. The panels are fixed to the square posts with U-shaped fasteners. This fastening system has also been developed with a hinged version that allows the panel to be installed along the direction of the slope.

The panels are fitted with a double top rail and end in non-bevelled, through-beam bars


  • Panels width : 2.289 mm
  • Vertical square tubes: 25.40 mm
  • Spacing C/C from tubes to tubes: 115.68 mm, i.e. 90.30 mm between 2 vertical bars.
  • Horizontal bar positioned at 152.40 mm from tubes end
  • U Horizontal bar 50.80 x 50.80 mm

Upgragde is available on request. Do not hesitate to ask for your quotation with our contact form


Our factories can manufacture the right swing gate for your Upgrade fence for a harmonious design and controlled entries.

Coating and Guaranty

Upgrade is guaranteed for 10 years. High-quality protection based on Zendzimir, supplemented by a plastic coating with high UV and corrosion resistance.

  Upgrade Summit
Panels Width 2 289 mm
Panels Height assortment 1 800 or 2 000 or 2 400 mm


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