Training and Certification Program

We are proud to offer advanced fencing systems for almost all requirements, and we want to inspire and help our partners make the best possible use of our products’ key selling points. This is why we created Betafence Academy.

Betafence Academy Program

Betafence Academy is a comprehensive training and certification program that has been specifically developed to give our partners the necessary tools to successfully grow sales. Covering a wide range of Betafence’s fencing systems and applications, the modules will give you the product knowledge and understanding to confidently help your customers pick the right fence for their needs.

Who is it for?

Our Academy is for all Betafence partners and their teams who sell Betafence products: owners, sales representatives and sales staff of wholesalers, retailers, agents, and installers.


What is the benefit?

Our Academy helps you to successfully sell Betafence products. The training will optimally prepare you and your team to:

  • Know the right solutions for your customers’ needs
  • Understand and convey key selling points
  • Add value through higher product expertise
  • Strengthen your relationship with Betafence
  • Boost your sales



What will I learn?

Betafence Academy is a curated library of learning experiences covering security products, systems, and applications.

Courses range from fencing fundamentals and privacy fencing for homes to high-security perimeter protection systems for critical infrastructure. With each new module, you will elevate your product knowledge and gain key insights into security applications. Betafence Academy will enable you to make informed product and system recommendations and guide your customers through their purchases with confidence. Start your journey of becoming a Betafence expert, today!

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