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Protecting transport infrastructure: Roads


Highway networks in Europe are confronted with various safety and security risks – from wild animals crossing roads to unauthorised intrusions at truck parking areas. Often, these threats can be addressed with effective fencing. ANIMAL CROSSINGS Research from the EU shows that almost 31% of all road accidents in Europe are classified as ‘single vehicle accidents’. A single...

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Protection in Corrosive Environments


PROTECTING IN CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS Betafence has applied corrosion-resistant coatings to fences that have to withstand the harshest environments in the world from wave-battered coastal areas to relentless sandstorms. By adapting the coating specifications we can still offer 10-year guarantees against C1-C5 corrosion classifications. CORROSION CLASSIFICATION An industry-recognised...

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Betafence sport

Sports stadiums house a hive of activities. From training sessions and strategy meetings during the week, to match day excitement where fans support their teams, to international games where large crowds descend on the stadium to join in on the big event. To accommodate all of these different activities, large stadiums typically have extensive infrastructure: offices, training fields,...

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Mobile Fences Tempofor

Tempofor News

Betafence's mobile fences offer effective temporary protection and control of people, vehicles and goods. With our wide range of options, there is a fitting solution for a wide variety of uses - from sporting events or music festivals to construction sites. Tempofor® F range: Solid mobile panels particularly suitable for fencing off construction & industrial sites and...

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Data Center Securifor 4D

With the exponential growth of data usage across various industries, data centers are responsible for safeguarding highly sensitive and confidential data. Protecting these important facilities from targeted sabotage or criminally motivated attacks is paramount especially considering that data breaches and security incidents are becoming increasingly costly. THE COST OF DATA CENTER...

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Saudi Arabia Intersec Exhibition - 13th to 15th September 2022

Intersec 2022

Come and visit Praesidiad at the Saudi Arabia Intersec Exhibition Praesidiad, the parent company of Betafence, Guardiar and Hesco, is exhibiting at the Intersec Saudi Arabia event in Riyadh from 13th to 15th September 2022. Praesidiad is promoting its total perimeter security offering which is installed extensively across the Middle East region to protect critical infrastructure and...

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