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Publifor barriers

Security barrier Publifor

To prevent citizen and tourists of any heavy vehicles' intrusion, Turin city in Italy has chosen Publifor security barriers to protect important events from attack. These measures are implemented following the Nice and Berlin terrorists' attacks. Betafence security barriers were already adopted during summer at the Salone del Gusto event in the Valentino Park, immediately after the Nice...

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Betafence Corporate Services rebrands to PRÆSIDIAD


Betafence, world market leader of perimeter security systems and solutions, announces a rebrand of their corporate name to PRÆSIDIAD; this rebrand follows shortly after the acquisition of Hesco. Betafence Corporate Services fortified its high security growth strategy through the recent acquisition of Hesco and Secure USA. The acquisitions brought together benefits to all facets of the...

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Betafence chooses OM Partner for Supply Chain Planning


Betafencehas selected OM Partners to implement OMP Plus for Supply Chain Planning. Betafence will begin to use OMP Plus for Inventory Optimization and Forecasting in the European Operations. Betafence’s focus was to findan advanced planning tool to further optimize inventory levels while maintaining or improving service levels. As an additional benefit, OMP Plus facilitates a company-wide...

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Betafence acquisition of Hesco

LEEDS, England and GHENT, Belgium, 11 July 2016 Following the announcement made March 2016, Betafence, the global perimeter security specialist, has received approval to complete the acquisition of Hesco, a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems. The acquisition was closed Thursday 7th July, 2016 having obtained regulatory approval from...

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