Thank you for choosing one of our quality CE labeled motorized gates

On top of the documentation already existing on all our product pages, we are gathering for you here, under this menu, our actualized installation manuals, and electrical information, so you're sure to prepare correctly your entrance before the gate arrives.
Do you know that we are delivering our sliding gates with a transport expert company being with us for more than 15 years? They are fully equipped and will position the gate on your concrete bloc in fewer minutes than you expect.

The Betafence CE label guarantees the gate has been produced following the CE Regulations, as specified in the EU Construction Products Regulation (N° 305/2011).
Moreover, a specific Declaration of Performance (DoP) is available for this gate with number DoP Beta-0xx (written on the CE label). 

In addition to these declarations, Betafence makes its sliding gate manuals available for you. You will find all the required information from the user and technical point of view to install and use our sliding gate. You just need to select your sliding gate type: