Architects and designers : extensive fencing solutions for projects

A sense of space inside and outside a property, together with your clients' wishes, is imperial when designing. 
Betafence's extensive collection of fencing solutions, with its attention to detail and functionality, offers a range of creative possibilities to personalise a fencing solution to everyone's taste. Browse and be inspired by our all-time classics and contemporary designs. 

Application areas


Why choose us with your architectural project?

In today's world, environment and design are very important. Betafence is there to support architectural projects and help your final customers to create their story.

From simple Balcony project for urban buildings to complex infrastructures perimeter projects, our team will provide you the best support in order for you to select the most appropriate range with doors, detection systems, fences with the latest innovations available.
Thanks to our large reference database, you can improve your specifications with photography and examples. Our tenders module is also available for free so you can integrate easily these elements in your presentation. All these supports are updated on a regular base to assure you the correct content.

Do you have a plan?

For a park, for ground floor protection, for private houses, for social buildings, to replace an external wall, to preserve a park or along roads.... we will always have the solution for you.

Inspiration cases
Not all products may be availabe in your country. Please check local assortement
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