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Protecting your home and family is your top priority. Betafence has been securing what matters for over 135 years. Browse through our reference projects, inspiration cases and fencing solutions, ranging from classic designs to the latest developments in perimeter aesthetics.

Be your own personal protection designer. 

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Because we want to offer our customers optimal protection, we manufacture a large fences and gates range.
Your house and garden are a unique place where you should be able to feel safe and free. We are here to protect your home, your family and everything that matters to you.

Betafence fencing is durable. It consists of strong, durable materials and can withstand corrosion, weather and the ravages of time. That is why we are proud to propose our customers 10 years of guarantee. Your local dealer or fence erector will detail you terms and conditions

"Made in Europe" is synonymous with reliability and responsibility. All products meet the strictest quality, safety and sustainability standards.

As a world leader in product, service and application, Betafence set the quality standard for the entire fencing industry.