Landscaping and Garden: for DIY residential customers

Set up your garden with various products offered by Betafence, always with the same goal: long life and an appealing nature. Protect your flowers with our borders, support your climbing plants with Zenturo, dry your clothes with our resistant posts and wire combination, and design your garden with gabions... We will be your constant garden companion!

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The Gabion Box is a stable gabion made out galvanised steel welded mesh. You can fill the basket with different types of stones. The decorative possibilities with the Gabion Box are endless and give a special charisma to each garden. 

Assets :
- Perfect design for gardens and terrains 
- Variable possibilities in almost cardinal point
- Easy to install 
- Modification on implantation possible at every moment

Our Zenturo® Classic or Zenturo® Super trellis will help your plants to grow without damaging your wall.

- High-quality product
- Innovative design
- Easy to install


The laundry drying post is an ideal solution for many years of environment-friendly drying-pleasure.

Assets :
- Handy and quickly installed post-system
- Neatly finished sides with the use of plastic caps
- Solid white wires or green cables