Metal fence panels: effective and durable solutions

You are looking for metal fence panels. Scroll down the list we selected for you. You can filter the selection, be depending on your needs: profiled panels, flat panels, decorative panels, high-security panels. The metal fence panels widest choice on the market.

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The Securifor® 358 system is a total system that consists of heavy, high-security welded panels in an anti-climb rectangular mesh, supported by a choice of three types of posts.

- Vandal-resistant: anti-climb and anti-cut 
- Secure and discreet
- Efficient deterrence
- Excellent through visibility
- Secured by Design, LPCB and CPNI rated systems available


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The Securifor® 2D system was uniquely developed to combine very high rigidity and security with an aesthetic design.

- Maximum strength and security
- Vandal-resistant
- Minimal visual impact on the environment
- Secured by Design and LPCB rated systems available


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Nylofor® 2D Super 868 twin wire weldmesh panel features twin horizontal wires to give increased rigidity and resistance to vandalism.

- High rigidity 
- Resistance to cutting and vandalism
- Quality that lasts 
- Complete system
- Screeno® Wave privacy infill compatibility


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Zenturo® Classic is a universal "all-in-one" solution for limitless contemporary fencing and garden decoration concepts. Design your own fence!

- Versability
- Innovative design
- Easy installation
- Quality


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The Nylofor® 3D system is the reference product on the market. This complete fencing system provides optimal protection, with style.

- Rigidity
- Complete system
- Long lifetime
- Efficient and fast installation
- Screeno® Line privacy screening compatibility

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Zenturo® Super is a complete fencing solution with a high design content. The panels, but the concept also allows the creation of gabion walls. When used as gabion wall, a wide variety of infills can be chosen.

- Extremely high strength
- Functional design
- Easy installation
- Complete system


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CreaZen® is a panel fence system with an attractive design, inspired by natural elements.

- Stylish
- Pure design
- Discrete
- Sleek installation


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The Nylofor® 3D Super system with specific 3D bend and very thick horizontal wires provides optimal protection and offers a unique design.

- Very high rigidity
- High degree of rigidity
- Long lifetime
- Complete system


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Bekafor® Classic is a rigid panel that protects house and garden in a classic way. This residential fence will offer your property a great look. 

- High longevity
- Easy installation
- Classic design


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Securifor® Super 6 combines all the features of the Securifor 358 but offers an enhanced anti-cut performance using 6mm vertical wires.

  • Increased vertical wire diameter 
  • Secure and discreet
  • Anti-climb and anti-cut
  • Excellent through visibility
  • Secured by Design, LPCB and CPNI rated systems available

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The Decofor® system is a complete decorative fencing system (including single and double gates) developed for design-oriented and rigid fencing solutions. 

- Decorative
- Robust
- Easy installation
- Anti-corrosive coated


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The Nylofor® 2D twin wire panel is made out of heavy welded mesh with double horizontal wires. The ideal flat fence panel when demarcation and deterrent factors are key.

- High rigidity
- Complete
- Long lifetime
- Fast installation and low cost


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Nylofor® 3D Pro and 3D Pro XL v-mesh panels are the ideal solutions for low to medium security boundary fence requirements.

- Excellent value
- Unique PVC coating
- XL version for fast installation

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The elevatable fence is a patented modular fencing system, suitable for separating the playground from the spectator in sports stadiums. 

- System for sports stadium in compliance with the new regulations
- Long lifetime
- Multifunctionality

Elevatable fence

Bekazur® 2D is a panel system hindering access to swimming pools. Designed to specific standards, it is rigid, multifunctional and elegant.

- Conformity
- Multifunctional
- Elegance


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Designed to suit applications where the emphasis is on protection, safety and demarcation. There are 3 different Barofor® railing panels available for industrial sites, public buildings, private domains, schools, parks & playgrounds.

- Built-in rigidity
- Aesthetics
- Safety
- Easy installation


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The Nylofor® F system consists of heavy welded mesh fence panels with horizontal flat wires providing maximum rigidity and an original design.

- High rigidity
- Modern look
- Long lifetime
- Quick installation
- Complete & versatile system


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The Securifor® 3D is a professional security fencing, welded mesh panel fence, incorporating a pressed ‘V-beam’ that combines an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism.

- High security
- Attractive design
- Long lifetime
- Toe and finger proof mesh aperture
- Good visibility


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The Securifor® 4D system's unique feature proposed front and back alternating wires and offers excellent (increased) rigidity for high-security environments requiring detection and surveillance.

- High rigidity
- Anti-climb and anti-cut
- Excellent through visibility
- Discreet
- Secured by Design and LPCB rated systems available


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Nylofor® 3D Essential is a quality and long lifetime fencing system with panels of 2.5 meters wide, designed for a professional and low-cost installation.

- Longevity
- Excellent price/quality rate
- Complete system


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Nylofor® City is a rectangular heavy welded mesh fence panels with strong horizontal flat wires with an added upper handrail for extra rigidity and a clean sophisticated look.

- High rigidity
- Robust look
- Easy installation


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Trademarked for over 25 years Betafence's Paladin® Classic is the original Paladin panel. Why buy 'Paladin style' panels when you can buy the original?

- The original Paladin fence panel 
- Innovative and aesthetic design
- Excellent through visibility
- Wide range of color options 

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Roll Top® school and playground fencing is a RoSPA compliant, welded mesh panel fence that has a rolled top and bottom edge for enhanced safety and rigidity.

  • RoSPA compliant
  • Fast installation
  • Excellent through visibility
  • Ideal for when safety is a consideration

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The Securifor® 358 Doubleskin System is developed for all applications where maximum security is essential. Tried and tested throughout the UK across many of the most security-sensitive and critical national sites (including nuclear, infrastructure and military).

  • The ultimate high-security panel
  • Anti-climb and anti-cut
  • Excellent through visibility 
  • Secured by Design, LPCB and CPNI accredited systems available

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Bekasport is the perfect MUGA sports fence system - a unique ball-stop system ideal to fence and protect sports and recreational areas. 
Bekasport Plus features a specific ball rebound section specially designed to withstand heavy impacts. 

  • Developed in consultation with the Sports Council and other sporting bodies
  • Strong and reliable
  • Safe

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The Nylofor 3D Light II panel is an economic professional 3d panel, with good resistance to distortion.

- Rigidity thanks to its 3D profiles
- Economic welded panel
- Non-standard color possibilities