High Security Mesh Fence System

Praesidiad has developed a new Guardian 1000 Security fencing system, that fills the gap between traditional chain link systems and the high security Guardian 5000/7000 fence systems.​

The Value Engineered Guardian 1000 Fence System provides a high level of security with all the advantages of the Guardian System but with an industry leading price point.


EN - Flyer Guardian 1000

Betafence guarantee 10 years
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Technical Information


High-strength security mesh panels create an effective anti-cut, anti-climb barrier. Guardian 1000 is offered standard with Securifor® 4D or Sentryguard expanded metal 112-113 infill.

The Sentryguard panel is a 1-1/2” x #13 expanded metal mesh with 2.62” x 1.25” diamond shaped openings and .138” web created from 13ga steel sheet metal. ​

The Securifor® 4D panel is a welded wire mesh made from vertical and horizontal 8.5 ga (0.155”) steel wires, creating 50mm x 26mm (1.97” x 1.03”) windows. The panels provide high rigidity.

Posts and rails

The posts are made from continuously hot-dip zinc coated steel sheet. Panels are affixed to steel rails, which are attached to the steel posts. This modular configuration allows for fast installation – which means that exact post spacing is not a requirement.

Superior coating

Guardian system panels and gates are standard executed with a superior galvanization. High quality galvanized steel and aluminum components used throughout the system deliver a longer service life.

Certification & Warranty

Certified according to ASTM 2781-15. The Guardian Fence System® protects against cutting & climbing, through the use of security mesh that has small openings that resist common cutting tools and hand or foot holds. The Guardian Fence System is backed by our 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Description Name Screening % Open Area Thickness Lbs per 100sq ft Short Opening Size Long Opening Size
        Strand Width/Strand Thickness Plain/Hot Dipped    
Expanded Metal Sentryguard 21% 79% 13GA (.09")
76 1.25" 2.62"
Welded wire Securifor 4D 20% 80% 8.5GA (0.155") 97 1.03" 1.97"


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