Ultra-High Security Fence System

The Guardian Fence System® is the first system to provide a total security solution, with designed raceways for seamless security integration to create a “system within a system-of-systems.” Strong layered security mesh, constructed within a modular framework, makes this fence barrier ideal for high risk security projects.

 - ASTM F2781-15 tested and certified
 - 4.5 minute Agressive threat delay**
 - Easy installation, upgrade, repair and maintenance
 - Seamless security integration
 - ​Anti-Ram barrier integrated into the fence or installed as a stand-alone solution

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Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information


The Guardian 7000 System® features double layered mesh that increases both its deterrence and delay characteristics. Tested to ASTM standards it is certified to deliver 4.5 min delay against Aggressive threat level and over 14 minutes against Medium threat level. Additional mesh options are available.

High Security Guardian Unions

Guardian Unions securely connect panels to high-strength horizontal rails within the Guardian Fence System® and is then secured with bolted steel straps adding additional rigidity to the fence.


Panels are affixed to steel rails, which are attached to the steel posts. This smart fence platform configuration allows for fast installation – and means that exact post spacings are not a requirement.


Strong and secure anti-cut, anti-climb, and anti-ram gates are available in a full range of styles.

Superior Coating

Guardian system panels and gates are standard with a superior galvanization, and are available with Betafence USA’s exclusive Super-Durable powder coating. This coating provides longer protection from U.V. rays and salt spray than either E-Coat or standard polyester coatings.


The Guardian Fence System is backed by our 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Anti-Ram Barrier

The Anti-Ram barrier can either be integrated into the fence or installed as a standalone solution, providing formidable resistance to vehicular attack.

Description Name Size Screen % % Open Area Thickness Lbs per 100sq ft Short Opening Size Long Opening Size
          Strand Width Strand Thickness Plain Hot Dipped    
Welded Wire


3" x 1/2" x 8ga Double Layer 50.4% 49.6% 0.162 315 338 0.338 0.338
MiniLouver 75 MiniLouver 75 MiniLouver 75 75% 25% 0.188 0.09 282 310 0.25 0.8
Expanded Metal Sentry 34-9 3/4" x #9 32% 68% 0.15 0.135 180 198 0.688 1.562


How to install Guardian fence?

How to install Guardian sliding gate?

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