Bullet and Blast Resistance Mesh Panel

A complete fencing system that delivers high security protection combined with tested and proven ballistic resistance.

- Resist and protect
- Superior quality
- Security integration
- Architectural mesh options

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Technical Information


ArmorGuard panels are fabricated with non-conductive fiberglass and polyester resin in an ISO Certified facility. Panels provide both ballistic and blast resistance. A louvered design option promotes air flow and minimizes heat buildup.

Guardian Unions

Extruded aluminum Guardian Unions secure the fiberglass mesh panels to horizontal rails within the Guardian Fence System®. The Guardian Unions are secured with bolted steel straps, maintaining the system’s strength and reliability.

Posts and Rails

Panels are affixed to steel rails, which are attached to the steel posts. This modular configuration allows for fast installation – and means that exact post spacing is not a requirement.


Choose from a wide range of gate styles, including pedestrian and drive Swing gates, as well as Slide and Cantilever gates.

ArmorGuard Product Test Criteria/Performance Level Ballistic Data Nominal Thickness Nominal Lbs./Sq ft
AG-A N.I.J. 0108.01/Level I .38 Spcl. 158 Gr., 850 Ft. SEc., Lead 1/8” 1.2
AG-1 U.L. 752/Level I, (U.L. LISTED)
N.I.J. 0108.01/Level IIA
9MM 124 Gr., 1175 Ft. Sec., FMJ
9MM 124 Gr., 1090 Ft. Sec., FMJ
1/4” 2.4
AG-2/6 U.L.752/Level 2, (U.L. LISTED)
U.L.752/Level 6, (U.L. LISTED)
.357 Mag. 158 Gr., 1250 Ft. Sec., LSP
9MM 124 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec., FMJ
5/16” 3.0
AG-3 N.I.J. 0108.01/Level II
U.L. 752/Level 3, (U.L. LISTED)
N.I.J. 0108.01/Level IIIA
.357 Mag. 158 Gr., 1395 Ft. Sec., JSP
.44 Mag. 240 Gr., 1350 Ft. Sec., SWC
.44 Mag. 240 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec., SWC
1/2” 5.0
AG-4/5 U.L. 752/Level 4, (U.L. LISTED)
U.L. 752/Level 5, (U.L. LISTED)
N.I.J. 0108.01/Level III
.30 Cal. 180 Gr., 2540 Ft. Sec., JSP
7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec., FMJ
7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec., FMJ
1-1/4” 12.5
AG-7 U.L. 752/Level 7, (U.L. LISTED) 5.56 MM 55 Gr., 3080 Ft. SEc., FMJ 1-3/16” 12.0
AG-8 U.L. 752/Level 8, (U.L. LISTED) 7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec., (5 SHOT) 1-3/8” 13.6