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Sustainable developpment with Betafence

Sustainable development

An important aspect of Securing What Matters is being environmentally responsible in the products we manufacture, and the processes we use in production.
We aim to use the best technologies and materials available to guarantee sustainable development.
From emission control to lowering our energy, water and gas consumption to managing our waste, we monitor all production processes with care, transparency and reliability.

We are continuously working on the following 4 main pillars;



Water is a valuable component of our production process. We limit water consumption as much as possible by recycling. In our main production, we have wastewater treatment plantsPhotovoltaic cells were installed on the main Betafence distribution centre in Belgium. The cells deliver 2,3 MWp and yearly 2GWh of green power. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of 600 families. With this initiative, we reduce CO² emissions by 3.150 tons per year.




Employees are regularly informed and trained about environmental matters by local SHEQ representatives. The corporate car policy gives preference to low CO² emissions and Betafence encourages our employees to come to work by bicycle. Betafence bicycles are available for the teams at the manufacturing site in Belgium.



Long product lifespan 
Durable products are the basis for sustainable development. The longer lifetime of Betafence's plastic-coated products is guaranteed by careful selection of plastics based on their UV resistance, their adhesion performance and state-of-the-art coating technology combined with stringent process control. Betafence also integrates environmental criteria in the design of our products.




We put a lot of effort into reducing our energy consumption in all our manufacturing sites by analysing, improving and using energy-efficient lighting. We have a high degree of automation and insulation of energy consuming processes. All Betafence steel fences, posts, rails and security mesh panels are manufactured using recycled material. The result is steel components utilising between 20% and 95% recycled content, depending on the product. Raw materials used for plastification are guaranteed free of any toxic components.

Environmental aspects of Betafence plastic-coated products

With regard to raw materials for plastics coatings, Betafence guarantees that only green plastic coatings are used which do not contain harmful or toxic compounds:
- NO lead
- NO cadmium
- NO hexavalent chromium
- NO toxic plasticizers

For more information on Betafence and the environment:

--> Consult the Betafence environmental policy

or Download our brochure

Environmental brochure

Several plants have gained certificates and recognition for their continuous and structured effort to minimize the impact on the environment. Consult our local country websites for more information.


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