More than 135 years of excellence

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Betafence sets standards of excellence in its industry and is recognized as the leader in perimeter systems, service, and integration.
From a barbed wire manufacturer in 1880 to a total perimeter security integrator today ... a long and successful history!

This timeline proposes you to discover all the dates which count for our company.


► 1880 - Bekaert in Zwevegem, Belgium

The story of Betafence starts with Bekaert, in Zwevegem, a rural village in Belgium, where local farmers are faced with the problem of cattle damaging other people’s property. Leo Leander Bekaert translates their need into a business opportunity: he starts up a small business in barbed wire by putting nails in twisted wire. Leo Leander Bekaert didn’t invent barbed wire, but he soon designs his own barbs. In 1881 he patents this invention and, in a very short time, recruits most of the village to work.

Leo leander Bekaert

► 1894 - Zinc layer technic

Bekaert starts applying a protective zinc layer on its products in order to offer better quality and fight corrosion. The activities are expanded, which broadens the product range with wire and fencing products.

► 1922

In the 1920s global expansion gives a new dimension to Bekaert. Throughout the years, Bekaert will never lose sight of the principle of keeping production close to the market.

► 1929

A new kind of barbed wire – still produced today – is developed: Motto®, made of two relatively thin carbon steel strands twisted at a changing pitch between the barb.

► 1960

The post-war period brings about a great evolution in new technologies at Bekaert: the processing of high-carbon steel wire, welded mesh, a great variety of new coatings and stainless steel wire products.

► 1972

The Bekaert family, which until 1972 has all the share capital, decides to open up the company to investment by new shareholders by listing the company on the Belgian stock exchange.

Betafence Group logo

► 2005 - Bekaert Fencing becomes Betafence 

The fencing division of Bekaert is sold to private equity, to allow more focus on this specific part of the business.

“The fence changes its name”: the new brand BETAFENCE is introduced in the market.

Private equity companies Gilde and CVC take over the fencing activity and continue to expand with investments mainly in Poland, South Africa, and the USA.

► 2015 CVC acquires Betafence 

CVC acquires the majority stake in Betafence and continues to support the growth strategy in fencing systems and integration of perimeter security solutions, including the acquisition of SecureUSA.

► 2016 - Hesco joins Betafence group 

Another important step is taken with the acquisition of Hesco, industry leader in military defense barriers.

Hesco company

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