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C1 to C5 Corrosion Classification Explained

The C1 to C5 corrosion classification is based on BS EN ISO 12944-2 and BS EN ISO 9223 This system is used across many manufacturing and construction industries to enable a common language of corrosion environments.  

C1 | Very Low Corrosion Environment ► The C1 class includes material that are not exposed to corrosion in normal atmospheric air 

C2 | Low Corrosion Environment ► Atmosphere with little or no degree of pollution 

C3 | Medium Corrosion Environment ► City and industrial atmosphere, moderately polluted with sulfur - Possibly coastal climate with little salt

C4 | High Corrosion Environment ► Industry and coastal areas with moderate salt content 

C5 | Very High Corrosion Environment ► Industry and coastal areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere. Coast and sea areas with a high salt content 


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