Manuals for on Rail sliding gates


Installation manual Robusta SR

Electrical drawings of the motor FAAC C720

Electrical drawings of the motor FAAC C780D


Robusta SR: The efficient sliding gate on rail

Some environments require an opening system that can open and close quickly. You are looking for a gate used for demarcation purposes? Our sliding gates Robusta SR are available in heights of up to 2.5 meters, to suit any application.

Our long experience in the manufacturing gate is renowned. Our factories are experts in manufacturing high-quality gates, guaranteed 10 years (construction) and 2 years for hardware, electronics, and access control. Above you'll find our detail manual for your gate.

Whether you are a company, a high-security site, a park or parking, our sliding doors are designed to suit your entrance. Sliding gates are also very popular in a commercial environment. If the driveway behind the gates is on a steep incline, a better option would be a cantilever sliding gate system, whereas it is not possible on the sliding gate on a rail.

Wikipedia says that one of the first electric gates was invented by a Canadian Fred W. Watson in 1881. It was designed to be used for railway systems. In 1884, a number of American newspapers reported that the French railway companies today called SNCF were about to adopt an electric gate opener. “A catch connected with an electromagnet keeps a gate closed,” reported The National Tribune on October 9, 1884. One of the early demonstrations of such gates in the United States was arranged by the short-lived Toulmin Electric Railway Gate Company in 1887, in Baltimore. At the end of the XIX century, electric gates were also used at horse racing tracks.

Motorized gate safety 

In the European Union, the safety of an automated gate is an important consideration, and automated gate safety is specified by a series of European Normalisations. A professional gate that has not been fitted with safety in mind can potentially become a major hazard, particularly to untrained users. Various safety devices are available to make sure that your gates meet the highest of European or American safety standards. Choosing the Betafence range gives you the assurance that your door will be according to the highest security standard and norms.