Stockfence for farmers and agricultural

With more than 135 years of know-how, Betafence has developed a large range of fencing rolls to protect your cattle. Both small and large animals will be protected thanks to our fencing degressive mesh repartition on specific types. Scroll down and pick the welded or knotted mesh which suits you the most.

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Ursus® Heavy and Heavy AS, the ideal solution for fencing meadows, farming and breeding grounds.

- Resistant to distortions
- Long lifetime
- Ursus knot


Welded long distance fence with progressive mesh.

- Strong and rigid
- Long lifetime
- Long distance


Betafence has developed three types of fencing specific for forestry and highways: Ursus® AS Light, AS Medium and AS Super.

- Low wire diameter for easy installation
- High-carbon steel wire
- Spiral knot


Woven deer fence Ursus®  Cyclone is made of high tensile wires and a unique tight lock knot for strength and fast installation.

- Independent knots
- Quick installation
- Rigid


Ursus® is the top quality fencing for sheep meadows for years. Thanks to small meshes at the bottom, this agricultural fence is also highly suited to chickens, ducks, geese and other small livestock. The spiral knot offers excellent flexibility for easy installation on all terrains. 

- Easy installation
- Spiral knot