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Easily create your fences and gate requirements in just a few clicks

Our tender tool below enables you to automatically generate detailed specifications for your project by simply selecting your chosen product and its variants. Select your desired infill, post and gate below to generate accurate product specific details using our extensive library for your professional tender requirements. 

For each product, you can have several options to choose from in the second selector. This section allows you to specifiy if you need base plated or dug in posts. You can also select if you need a bent arm feature to add barbed or razor wires. We are committed to providing you the best description to facilitate Betafence product implementation.

You can also find this tool on all our product pages where tenders are available.

Select products you would like to include in your tender text. Pay attention to select panels/rolls which are compatible.


Select products you would like to include in your tender. Pay attention to select compatible Panels/Rolls & posts system. By clicking on "Generate your tenders" you'll receive a PDF document with detailed description.

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Why use Betafence tender tool?

Information generated is the latest product specification available – content is updated on a weekly basis by the Betafence team, ensuring that all information is current.

How many products can I include in the tender?

With our tender generator tool, you can create your tender with a maximum of 4 products:

  • Panels or rolls
  • Posts
  • Gate
  • Add another product

To create additional products then simply create a new tender.

Why do Betafence ask for my e-mail?

This is a free tool to our website visitors. Occasionally for some of the products, we may to get in touch with you to verify that you have all the information you need. Betafence is fully GDPR compliant and your information will not be sold to anyone. You can check our Betafence and Praesidiad policies.

What if I need additional information?

if you require additional information, please send us your request via email using our contact form. One of our product specialists will contact you shortly.

Which products are included in your Tenders?

Many references have texts. You can search for Chainlink [Plasitor] or Fence post [Bekafix - Securifor - Nylofor - Quixolid], welded wire fence [Fortinet - Pantanet], automatic gates [Bekamatic]...