BIM Model Library

Looking for official Betafence Revit or IFC drawings to create your project? The Betafence portfolio of BIM models for our fencing, posts and gates is available for download on BIM Objects.

The library of our BIM models is regularly updated to enable you to complete your specification and your Bill of Materials.


All Betafence BIM Models are available in Revit and IFC file types



By using BIM rather than CAD (Computer Aided Design) Revit Architecture can leverage dynamic information in the models, allowing complex building structures. Changes made in a project in one part of the model are automatically reproduced in other parts of the model, thus enhancing the workflow for Revit ARchitecture users.

Revit is a single file database that can be shared among multiple users. The file extension is .rvt.



BIM in Europe

Not all countries have the same regulations on BIM use yet, but major players in the building industry are already using it.

Betafence, in partnership with the BIM Objects, has over 100 BIM models for you to use:

  • Panels and posts
  • Sliding and swing gates
  • Gabion walls

To supplement this library, please refer to our specification and product information on our Documentation pages.