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Fences in 3D

Betafence 3D Product Views Now Available

3D product views are now available on our website for a wide range of Betafence panels, posts, sliding and speed folding gates.


What does this mean for you?

Our 3D views allow you to rotate products 360°, this enables you to view the full product from any angle meaning you can manipulate the image and also see the product in greater detail. View a product’s side, back or front profile at the click of a button.
When specifying a product, it is often hard to visualize the end result and no matter how many project photos you see it often difficult to get a detailed understanding of the components and profile – using our 3D image views allows you to do just that and will help ease specification concerns.



3D view for Betafence



How do I access Betafence’s 3D product views?

Accessing our 3D product views is quick and easy – simply search for the product on our website. Once on the relevant page scroll down to the Technical Information section and select the 3D views tab. The image will appear with a message ‘click to load’, simply click on the message and the image will appear in seconds.



Which products are available?

3D views are available for a wide range of Betafence’s panels, posts, swing, sliding, and speed folding gates. The table below provides a summary of available products. All products are hyperlinked – simply click on your required product to go directly to the product page.

Can I download the 3D view to use in my specification?

The simple answer is yes, each view can be saved as an image – this can be done in 2 easy steps:

  • Step 1: rotate the product image to your required view
  • Step 2: right click on the image and select the ‘save as image’ option

Images will be saved automatically as jpegs – if you require other formats this can be done in Paint or any design software. There is no limit to the number of product view images you can save, just repeat the above steps for each angle you wish to capture.


CreaZEn 3d drawing


Specification Support

From demarcation to design and security, a fence can perform a number of functions and it is sometimes difficult to navigate the technical specification and ranges available. We are here to help! Betafence is the world’s largest industry leading perimeter fencing manufacturer and supplier. With over 140 years’ experience, Betafence continues to set the standards of excellence in the perimeter protection industry.

Our in-house team of experts can work with you to help identify the correct system for your project from residential to industrial solutions we are here to support you every step of the way.