The Sliding Door Kit

Designed for frequent use in residential buildings and public areas, Egidia® SC Essential, cantilever sliding gate, will provide you the best compromise between quality and price.

- Range from 3 to 5 meters width in steps of 0.5 M,
- Double wire panel infill, fully in line with Nylofor 2D(S) panels
- Full assortment in combination with Egidia Essential swing gate
- Full compliance to norm EN 13241-1

EN - Flyer Egidia SC Essential

Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information


  • CE Certified
  • Delivered completely pre-assembled with plug&play solution for motorized version
  • Can easily be combined with Standard Egidia Essential swing gates
  • Inspection holes are foreseen for easy installation and maintenance
  • Specific guiding set construction

Egidia SC Essential available in 3 versions

Manual gate: the gate is designed for manual operation and is fitted with a key-operated built-in lock from Locinox and a catcher installed on the reception post. The direction of the opening can be reversed on-site at the time of installation.

Motorisable gate: our gate is designed for the installation of an external motor later onwards. A dental rack (module 4) is mounted on the beam and inspection holes are provided for the passage of wiring afterward. Also, the dental rack is reinforced with a steel core, covered with a nylon layer, to assure a smooth and quick move.

Fully Automatic motorized gate: due to our exclusive partnership with FAAC, we offer you a gate that is factory-fitted with an external motor and all necessary safety items and operation items. The gate is delivered fully prewired, and ready to operate. We offer one type of motorization.

Gate construction

  • Underbeam: 75 x 65 mm
  • Frame profiles: 60x40
  • Frame infill: Nylofor 2DS Panels with a center profile 60x40 mm, to assure high rigidity.
  • Stop bumper at the rear of the wing for gate width ⩾ 4.50 meters
  • 2 posts 80x80x3: one for the guidance of the wing and one for the reception with the catcher on top of the post
  • 2 rollersets with polyamide guiding rollers screwed on the post
  • Integrated tension system

Automatic version specifications

Compare to the motorizable version, where only the dental rack is supplied, the automatic version offers a plug & play, fully secured sliding gate, compliant with the European regulation 13241:2003 & A2:2016. You just need to screw your posts to the concrete, plug the motor, and you're ready to test it.

Your gate will be delivered with:

  • FAAC motor 746
  • 2 wireless photocells with batteries
  • ASO resistive safety edges: 2 on the guiding post and one on the front of the wing.
  • A warning light XLED 24/320 V
  • A remote controller, 2-channels, 868 MHz SLH

Optional Equipment

With your order you can add:

  • Additional remote controllers
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Badge reader + tags
  • GSM Module
  • Lock & catcher for the motorizable version, if you are not ready to motorize immediately.

Easy installation

All our Egidia SC essential cantilever sliding gates are fully pre-wired and ready to be quickly installed by professionals. The dental rack is installed on the lower beam. The motor, for the automatic version, is mounted on a separate plate screwed to the guiding post. In the event of a power failure, the motor can be disengaged to enable manual opening.

No need to install a rail, as this gate is cantilevered.

The gate will be delivered with complete and easy documentation, including foundation drawings.

Commercial width 3000 mm 3500 mm 4000 mm 4500 mm 5000 mm
Free passage (mm) [B]  3050 3550 4050 4550 4950
Total needed space (mm) [C]  7569 8569 9769 10869 11969
Nominal Height (mm) Real Height from the foundation (mm) [A] Egidia SC Essential
800 876
1 000 1076
1 200 1276
1 400 1476
1 500 1576
1 600 1676
1 700 1776
1 800 1876
2 000 2076


Type Egidia SC Essential Automatic
Motor FAAC 746 ER 16
Controller Board 780D
Plug-in receiver 868MHz
Nr. of remote controls 1 with 2 channels
Photocells 1 pair model XP20W
Installed photocells' height 600 mm
Warning light FAAC-XLED 24/230V - Orange color
Safety edges Active (ASO)
Safety edges on Guiding post 2 pc's ASO model SENTIR 65ST
Safety edges on front wing ASO model SENTIR 65ST
Transmission system JCM RADIOBAND


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