Manuals for sliding gates




Looking for a great value motorized sliding door?

Egidia is the gate you are looking for. Available in several executions such as manual, ready for motorization or fully motorized our factories can answer all of your access control concerns and need.

What is the difference between a ready for motorization and a fully motorized gate?

  • A gate ready for motorization will allow you to choose the motor and the electronics you want. The gate will be delivered with a dental rack in order to fixe your motor on and will not be equipped with a key lock system (unless you request it). This is also a good solution when you want a manual gate for the beginning, with the project of motorization in the future. This will be much easier and cheaper to install.

If you do not think of this point before you buy your gate, you risk receiving a wing that will not be long enough to attach any motorization. Also, you'll need to modify consequently your gate for wiring and electrification, unless you have chosen a ready for motorization, where everything is included.

  • A fully motorized door will, such as the Egidia, be delivered with all components and is conform to European norms. Wing, posts, dental rack, motor, pressure strips, photocells, remote control.. all you need for your safety and the one your visitors will be there. 

In any situation, you must have a maintenance contract for your electrified gate. This is mandatory by law in Europe, and in all countries, if you want to have your guaranty period validated by Betafence.