The cantilever gate

The "basic" gate

Egidia® SC cantilever sliding gates are developed for industrial and residential areas. The design of the gate results in great value for money.

- Wide range of heights available
- Price/Quality
- The universal design matches any fencing system
- Safety - conforms to EN 13241-1


EN - Flyer Egidia SC

Available in :
Betafence Europe
United Kingdom
Betafence UK&I
Betafence USA
Betafence MENA
South & Central Africa
Betafence Africa
Betafence Asia & Oceania

Technical Information


  • CE certified
  • Delivered completely pre-assembled - plug&play
  • Same electrical system as Robusta SC
  • HDG or HDG + PES coated for excellent corrosion protection

Our cantilever gates are available in 3 different versions

  • Manual gate: our gate is designed for manual operation and is fitted with a key-operated built-in lock. The direction of the opening can be reversed on site at the time of installation.
  • Motorisable gate: our gate is designed for the installation of an external motor later onwards. A dental rack is mounted on the beam and inspection plates are provided for the passage of wiring afterwards.
  • Motorised gate (fully automatic): due to our exclusive partnership with FAAC, we can offer you a gate that is factory fitted with an external motor and all necessary safety items and operation items. The gate is delivered fully prewired, and ready to operate. We offer one type of motorisation, for intensive use.

Gate wing

  • Underbeam: 120x100x5 mm
  • Lower profile of the frame: 90x60x2 mm (rest of frame 60x60x2 mm)
  • Two roller sets with polyamide rollers are foreseen to each gate
  • Qualitative locinox lock is foreseen as standard for manual gates
  • Welded frame
  • Standard tubular infill  (3D panel infill possible as option)
  • Integrated tension system

Infill of the gate

Egidia SC cantilever sliding gates are available with two types of infill:

  • Infill with profiles 20x20x1.5 mm, weded at 90° and spaced at 110mm (tubular)
  • Nylofor 3D Panels (the panels are screwed to the frame of the wing, using clamp and bolts)
  • Welded frame


  • Dental strip on top of the wing (only for height as from 2 meters )
  • Lock & handle (on motorisable gates)
  • Plate to fix a padlock (on manual and motorisable gates)
  • Wing blocking system (only for manual gates)

Motorized versions

The fully automatic version comprises the FAAC motor and its control unit. It includes:

  • 3 Pressures strips (active): contact with the pressure strips automatically reverses the movement of the gate
  • Photocells: the passage of the gate is monitored by one pair of photocells as it closes. Activation will automatically reverse the movement of the gate.
  • Remote-control: the gate is provided with one 2-channel remote control. Additional remote-controls are possible; the system accepts up to 128 remote-controls.
  • Warning light: to warn that the gate is opening or closing.
  • Intensive use motor FAAC: Supply voltage 230 VAC. Gate speed is 9 meters/min. Magnetic end stop.

Easy installation

All our Egidia sliding gates are fully pre-wired and are ready to be quickly installed by professionals, The dental rack is installed on the underbeam. The motor is mounted on the guiding post. In the event of a power failure, the motor can be disengaged to enable manual opening.

CE Marking

Egidia SC sliding gates carry the C.E. mark, in accordance with the European directive. They are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the directives (89/106/EC) and are tested according to EN 13241-1 specifications for industrial and commercial applications.

Coating technique and colours

Our Egidia sliding gates are hot-deep galvanized (HDG). They are treated with the best coating processes existing today.

  • Green RAL 6005 - Green RAL 6009
  • White RAL 9010
  • Grey RAL 7030 - Anthracite RAL 7016
  • Blue RAL 5010
  • Black RAL 9005

Other colours on request.

Free passage
(height from 1500 to 2400 mm
4 000 mm to 9000 mm
Available versions


Gate wing construction
Underbeam 120x100x5 mm + 80x60x2 mm
Frame 60x60x2 mm
Tubular infill (standard) 20x20x1.5 mm
Distance between bars 110 mm
Built in lock Only for the manual gate
Optional infill
3D Panels Optional
Guiding post  
Type Single sided guiding post (120x80x3 mm)
Lock post
Type Double sided lock post (80x80x2 mm)
Cylinder for lock system (only for manual version)
Type 70 mm (35/35)
Dental rack for motorisable and motorised versions
Type Module 4
Material Galvanized steel
Pre-installed Yes



Motorized additional specifications

SC 500 line


SC 1000 line


Use Intensive
FAAC motorisation type 746 ER 16 844
Controller reference 780D
Number of photocells 1 set
Photocell heights (hardwired) 600 mm
Pressure strips on the guiding post 2 active
Gate wing head pressure strip 1 active
Warning light 230 V light (orange)
Number of remote-control supplied (2channels) 2
Number of controls available for dry contacts 2


in mm

Total height

in mm

Height from foundation

in mm

Height of the wing

in mm

Total wing width
(to end of the "tail")

in mm

Free passage

in mm

Overall length required

in mm

4000 1780/1980/2280/2680 1600/1800/2100/2500 1500/1700/2000/2400 5400 4000 9600
5000 1780/1980/2280/2680 1600/1800/2100/2500 1500/1700/2000/2400 6700 5000 11900
6000 1780/1980/2280/2680 1600/1800/2100/2500 1500/1700/2000/2400 8000 6000 14200
7000 1780/1980/2280/2680 1600/1800/2100/2500 1500/1700/2000/2400 9400 7000 16600
8000 1780/1980/2280/2680 1600/1800/2100/2500 1500/1700/2000/2400 10700 8000 18900
9000 1780/1980/2280/2680 1600/1800/2100/2500 1500/1700/2000/2400 12000 9000 21200



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