• Functional design
  • Privacy protection

A magnificent realisation by Your Dreaming House. In the suburbs of Brussels, which is densely built-up, a filled Zenturo-wall was found to be the ideal solution in terms of privacy protection. The Zenturo panels were placed in double rows and filled with a bottom layer of stones, topped off with bark. This way the house was screened off beautifully and the occupants can now fully enjoy their garden. Preying eyes of passers-by were blocked out while aesthetically it is a perfect solution. The stone filling as the bottom layer serves as a base for the upper bark layer. The natural character of this filling perfectly complements the house, which is finished with natural stone. As for access, a Zenturo garden gate was chosen, which fits perfectly with the fence and provides access to the garden.

The driveway entrance is protected by an Egidia cantilever sliding gate, with bar infill and partial opening option, so that the gate can be opened only partially with a single press on the remote control button, in order to allow visitors to enter the property on foot. The cantilever sliding gate can also be opened completely, creating a 5-metre opening gap and thus allowing cars to be parked comfortably on the driveway. All of this ensures the property is fully screened off whilst retaining a pleasant, contemporary character. Betafence products have thus once again proven their effectiveness and ensured that our message was carried out and upheld: “Betafence....Secures what matters”

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