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Quality is an essential aspect of Betafence’s vision to be the best at perimeter protection.

As a leader in products, service integration and application innovation, Betafence sets the standards for the entire industry.


Betafence's quality objectives are:                                                                              

  • To realise true satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and other stakeholders
  • To efficiently manage our fundamental processes
  • To continuously improve
  • To comply with all legal and other regulatory requirements

How we want to achieve those goals:

  1. Customer satisfaction is monitored and evaluated by measuring results through feedback and interactions on an ongoing basis.
  2. A practical and effective ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System is implemented, maintained and monitored for continuing suitability & best practice.
  3. Customer requirements are translated into product and service specifications and further down into well-controlled operational process parameters.
  4. Change projects and new product development are realized in a market driven, focused and structured way
  5. Tracking key performance indicators and taking appropriate corrective actions with focus on customer requirementsChange projects and new product and process development projects
    are realised in a market-driven, focused and structured way. 
  6. Key competences are identified. Each employee is regularly informed and trained to improve competences and increase quality awareness.
  7. The Management provides the necessary resources to realize the Quality Objectives.
  8. Optimizing costs through maximizing productivity.
  9. Requiring and encouraging suppliers and other stakeholders to apply the same principles.
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Our Betafence Quality policy and our Health & Safety policy are available here.


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Quality made tangible for Betafence customers:

  • All Betafence branded coated (PES, PVC and ZINCALU SUPER) fencing products receive a standard 10-year guarantee in non-aggressive environments. A limited assortment products with upgraded "EXTREME" coating even receive a guarantee in aggressive and marine environments. This warranty is valid in European countries, click here for the Betafence guarantee conditions & product list.

  • See our local country websites for more information about the guarantee conditions as well as for guarantee conditions outside Europe



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