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Design your project

fence configurator application


Betafence developed a new tool for you to create and design your fence and gate and finally visualize your project. It is the ideal fence configurator if you want to know exactly how much material you will need or if you like to test your project with different fences. In just a few clicks, you can visualize your project on your laptop or tablet.

1 - Get connected to our tool by clicking on the upper animated banner, or download the app from Google or Apple store. Search for Betafence and select "Simuleer uw afsluiting". The application is available in English, Dutch and French.

2 - From any device, the system will propose you to configurate your fence or gate in 5 steps. If you work on your laptop, you'll first need to upload your picture. If you're using a tablet, then it's easy: the system will propose you to take your picture during the process.

3 - You're guided during your fence configuration, section by section. For example in your garden: you want to fence the left and rear side and you need a gate; this makes 3 sections, one for the left side, one for rear side and one for the gate.

  • You first select the length for section 1
  • Then you select your fence system from our library
  • The fence then appears on the picture, with a red dot at each section-end. Position these red dots on the ground to place your fence, and adjust the length to your picture. You will also have to adjust the height scale, according to the angle of your picture.
  • First section is done? Repeat these steps for all other sections you need. 
  • Don't forget to save your project once it is finished.

4 - You now get your picture with your fence and/or gate drawn on it. You want to test it with another model, such as CreaZen or Zenturo? Just create a new project. It's as easy as that.

5 - Share your picture by e-mail with your friends, installers, distributors or even on social media.

6 - You need an offer? Contact one of our nearest distributors or contact us with the contact form


Get your fence configurator on Google play


Get your fence configurator on app. store