Design your project

Betafence redesigns its famous application for you. We analyzed your experience and upgrade our program so it better fits your need to create and design your fence easily.  This application is the ideal fence configurator if you want to want to prepare your project. In just a few clicks, you can visualize your new house or garden with your fence or gate. You can do as many projects as you want, you can save them, test different colors or design. 

The application to draw your fence

Look at our video, and see how easy it is to implement a fence or a gate on a picture, so you get a realistic few of what your future fencing project will be.

For LAPTOP version --> Click on the top animated banner, to reach the website.
For Android or Apple tablet device --> Go to Google Play or Apple store (from your account). Search for Betafence and select "Simuleer uw afsluiting".

The application is available in 6 languages:  English, Dutch, French, Polish, Italian and German. 


From any tablet or laptop (not available for Smartphones)

The system will propose you to configure your fence or gate in 5 steps. You can install virtually your fence based on your local picture or if you just want to test the App, you can choose in our houses and gardens picture library


Fence configuration, section by section

For example in your garden: you want to fence the left and rear side, and you need a gate; this makes three parts, one for the left side, one for the backside and one for the entrance.

  • You first select the length of section 1
  • Then you choose your fence system from our library
  • The fence quickly on the picture. Position it on the ground and adjust the distance to your image. You will also have to change the height scale, according to the angle of your picture.
  • Is the first section done? Repeat these steps for all other parts you need. 
  • Don't forget to save your project once it is finished.

> You now get your picture with your fence and the gate drew on it. You want to test it with another model, such as CreaZen or Zenturo? Just create a new project. It's as easy as that.


Do you know that you can share your drawn project?

Play with our app, and send your drawing, by e-mail, to your friends, installers, distributors, or even on social media.
Involve them in your project.

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