Economical fencing for cost efficiency

The Nylofor 3D Light II panel is an economic professional 3d panel, with good resistance to distortion.

- Rigidity thanks to its 3D profiles
- Economic welded panel
- Non-standard colour possibilities

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Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information


The Nylofor 3D Light II panels are produced by electrical resistance welded galvanised wires and subsequently polyester coated. It has a barb of 30 mm at the topside. 
The panels have round horizontal wires and vertical "V-shaped" ones. 
The V-shapes are bent before polyester coating. 

  • Mesh sizes: 200 x 50 mm 
  • Wire diameter: 
    • Galvanised horizontal and vertical core wire: Ø 3.80 mm
    • Polyester coated with horizontal and vertical wire: Ø 4.00 mm


U-Lox Posts

U-Lox Posts

Nylofor 3D light panels can be fixed to the U-lox post with two different systems of fixation: positioned on the front of post, with stainless stell u-Collet or on each site of the post with a metal collet



Front fixation of your panel with hooks through the post and self-braking nuts system. Cross-section of the post is 60x40, supplied with Betafence cap.

Izifix Post

Izifix Post

Lateral fixing of the Nylofor 3D Light II in the Izifix post, without accessories. Perfect fixing of the curves of the panel in the post profile. The Izifix posts (75 x 50 mm) are covered with a plastic cap.



Your panels are fixed laterally onto the posts and secured with metal or polyamide fixators. The H-shape welded tubular posts (70 x 44 mm) are galvanized. PES coated and supplied with a polyamide cap.


Unilox Betafence

The Universal Metal Fencing Post developed to fit all situations. Its universal installation method and compatibility with multiple panels will convince you.

Nylofor - Twilfix posts

Nylofor Betafence

The panels are fixed on the front side of the posts by means of fixators and security bolts. The welded square tubular posts (60 x 60 mm) have inserts for fixing the panels and are covered with a plastic cap.


The Nylofor 3D Light II system is complete and optimal protection is given using the high technology Egidia, Nylofor and Robusta swing and sliding gates. Just by selecting below you'll reach the page directly.

Coating technique and colours

​Metallic coating: the wires are galvanised and the min. zinc weight of the horizontal and vertical wires is minimum 30 g/m²

Polyester coating: 
Thickness polyester coating:
The total layer is a minimum 100 µm thick. The polyester thickness - as well as the coated wire diameter dimension - is the average of 10 measurements done over 1 panel. 
In corrosive environments, higher minimum coating thickness is recommended. The typical value is 150 µm (always in an agreement between buyer and seller). 

Adhesion polyester coating:
Make a scratch in the longitudinal direction of the wire, by means of a hard metal pointed graving tool, penetrating through the metal. The length of the scratch will be about 50 mm. The coating shall not be able to be lifted from the metal by more than 50 mm. 

Available colours from stock

​Green RAL 6005 - Anthracite RAL 7016 - Black RAL 9005
Other colours possible on request for large quantities

Overall height of the panel
Number of horizontal wires Number of V-shapes
1030 9 2
1230 10 2
1530 13 3
1730 14 3
2030 17 4


Other panel heights are available on request.







Installation with Bekafix post

Installation with Izifix post

Installation with UniLox | Po-Po-Pa Installation

Installation with UniLox | Po-Pa-Po-Pa Installation

Installation with Nylofor-Twilfix Posts

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