The Universal Metal Fencing Post

Adopt UniLox, the Universal Metal Fencing Post developed to fit all situations. Its universal installation method and compatibility with multiple panels will convince you.

  • Very attractive symmetrical shape
  • Compatible with 2 installation method : Post/Panel/Post or Post/Post/Panel
  • 2.5 cm steps for slope
  • Quick and easy installation


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Technical Information


  • Very attractive symmetrical shape
  • Fixators can be equipped with security bolts for an enhanced security level
  • Installation method: Post - Panel - Post or Post - Post - Panel
  • steps for slopes: 2,5 cm
  • Ideal for all welded mesh panels types in Medium Security
  • Perfect for installation with concrete plate • Quick installation


  • UniLox is a tubular post, profiled in "H" shape, plate thickness: 1.00 mm
  • With 3 pre-drilled holes for fixing of the special metal security clips with (or without) bolts
  • With punched holes for positioning and fixing of the panels by means of fixing clips
  • Cross section of the post: 70x64 mm
  • I/V: 5.08 cm- Yield strength: 280 MPa - Relative strength: 142
  • Cap on top


  • Security fixation system: plastic coated metal clip with as an option stainless bolt with nut with breakoff head (depending on the installation type use the correct length of bolts (M6x/50 or M6x60, see installation manual for more details)
  • Metal or Polyamide fixing brackets depending on installation and panel type
  • UniLox Installation tongs
  • Floor plate
  • Connection piece to create bent arm for panels or extension
  • Single or double bent arms


The UniLox post fits many installation situations. Thanks to above accessories, you can easily combine PVC/Aluminium/concrete plates at the bottom of your fencing panels. Depending on your installation method, you will use a specific plate holder.

Unilox is developed to answer all situations when erecting your fence:

  • PO-PA-PO method, i.e. Post + Panel + Post, way of installation 


  • PO-PO-PA method, i.e. Post + Post + Panel way of installation

To ease your installation, you can use the UniLox tongs, especially develop to maintain your panel during the installation. Less manpower = cost efficiency.

In both situations, it is important to check that water is not able to infiltrate or remain inside the post. 



Posts are galvanised inside and outside and polyester coated (minimum 60 microns)


Gren RAL 6005 - Anthracite RAL 7016 - Black RAL 9005 and White RAL 9010 are held in stock. Check our assortment table
Other colors are available on request

Panel Height
Post Length
Number of fixators/post
(intermediate/corner post*)
  In Concrete On Baseplate  
630 1075 675 2 x 2
830 1275 - 2 x 2
1030 1475 1075 2 x 2
1230 1675 1275 2 x 2
1430 1975 1475 2 x 3
1530 1975 1575 2 x 3
1630 2175 1675 2 x 3
1730 2175 1775 2 x 3
1830 2475 - 2 x 4
1930 2475 1975 2 x 4
2030 2575 2075 2 x 4
2230 2775 - 2 x 4
2430 3175 2475 2 x 4


* end post = only half of the numbers of fixators necessary

UniLox | Po-Po-Pa Installation

UniLox | Po-Pa-Po-Pa Installation

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