Rigid tubular posts for fencing panels

Rigid tubular post, with the same shape as the Bekafix® post, perfect for medium to high-security applications, at an excellent price-quality ratio. 

- High rigidity for fences up to 4 meters
- Fast installation
- Same accessories as the standard Bekafix post
- 10 Years guaranty in Extreme conditions


EN - Flyer Bekafix Ultra posts

Betafence guarantee 10x years pes
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Technical Information


Bekafix Ultra post combines all the benefits of the Bekafix post with added strength and long resistance to corrosion in all extreme environments. Thanks to its specific characteristics and length range, Bekafix Ultra can be combined with multi-lift panels up to 4 meters for standard panels and 3 meters for small aperture panels such as Securifor. 

  • Unique aesthetics and shape - side fixing methods assist installation if access is limited from behind
  • High rigidity - increased profile thickness makes this perfect for taller height fencing applications including panels superposition
  • Discrete fixing system - lateral fixing negates the use of clamp bars or brackets on the attack face of the fence
  • Off-the-shelf additional extras for non-standard applications. Base plates or bent arms are available from stock.
  • Concrete plates are installed between posts, without the need for specific plate holders. 
  • Create Angles from 90° to 180° with the same post


  • Bekafix Ultra are tubular posts, profiled in “H” shape
  • With side sleeve on the left and the right
  • With central holes every 15 cm, for fixing of the special metal security clips with bolts or for base plate fixation at the bottom.
  • With side punched holes for positioning and fixing of the panels by means of fixing clips.
  • Cross-section of the tubular post: 70 x 44 mm - with a plate thickness of 1.75 mm
  • I/V: 7.29 cm3
  • Yield strength: 550 MPa
  • Relative strength: 401


They are the same as the Bekafix standard post.

  • Standard Bekafix fixing system (plastic-coated metal clip). As an option, stainless steel break-off bolt can reinforce the fastening system.
  • Spider fixing for installation of Securifor panels
  • Bekafix installation plier (only needed for standard Bekafix fixing, not for Spider)
  • Base plate for installation on tiles or concrete floor
  • Single or double bent arms for Bekafix  posts


Our Bekafix Ultra posts can easily be combined with PVC/Concrete plates installed below your panel, and thus without additional accessories. Check with the enclosed document the plate dimensions we recommend.
Base plate compatibility

It is important to check that water is not able to infiltrate or remain inside the pole.

We invite you to have a look to our installation Video.

Coating technique and colors


Magnelis® steel sheet execution


Polyester plastic coating in Green RAL 6005 as a standard. Other colors are available on request with minimum quantities requested.
Posts are delivered with caps, and depending on your post color the cap will be:

  • If posts are green: Caps green
  • If posts are white: Caps white
  • If posts are any other RAL color: Caps black
Fence height

Post lenght

Numbers of fixings per intermediate post Number of fixings per end post
1 930* 2 475 8 4
2 030 2 575 8 4
2 430 3 175 8 4
3 000 3 775 10 5
4 000 4 775 12 6

* The same post can be used for installation in concrete or footplate | For large projects, specific dimensions can be manufactured

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