High security 4D fences

The Securifor® 4D system's unique feature proposed front and back alternating wires and offers excellent (increased) rigidity for high-security environments requiring detection and surveillance.

- High rigidity
- Anti-climb and anti-cut
- Excellent through visibility
- Discreet
- Secured by Design and LPCB rated systems available


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Technical Information


Unique patented design: The only panel on the market with 4mm front and back alternating wires

High rigidity  Securifor 4D is the ultimate in heavy weldmesh panel fencing when the highest degree of security is needed. With individual alternating wires (1/1) the panel is 10 times stronger than a flat panel.

Visibility: Securifor 4D offers excellent visibility through the fence, essential for use with CCTV and surveillance systems.

Adequate delay time: Securifor 4D’s unique feature of alternating wires makes it cumbersome to cut when a breach is attempted. The small mesh apertures (standard: 12,7 x 76,2mm) offer no toe- or finger holds, making it near impossible to climb. This results in a longer delay time between the first attempt and possible breach, offering response teams and reaction mechanisms adequate time to deploy and intercept effectively.

Discreet: Securifor 4D has a minimal visual impact on the environment due to its sleek & clean design. Our many colour options can be incorporated into an overall look and feel as if required.

Reduced installation time: Securifor 4D panels are produced as standard in longer lengths compared to other Securifor panels, while still achieving increased rigidity. Consequently, the installation is more price competitive. Fewer posts, fewer accessories, and less concrete are needed.

Accreditation: Secured by Design and LPCB rated systems are available.


Securifor 4D has a standard mesh of 12.7 x 76.2 mm (H x W) and standard wire diameters of 4 mm.

Each horizontal wire alternates between front and back

Recommended posts


Unilox Betafence

The Universal Metal Fencing Post developed to fit all situations. Its universal installation method and compatibility with multiple panels will convince you.

Bekafix Ultra

Bekafix Ultra

For medium to high-security applications: Bekafix Ultra posts are recommended. High rigidity thanks to Magnelis use. Lateral fixing of the 4D fencing panels with special metal security clip with bolts. Welded tubular posts (70 x 44 mm) in H-shape with punched holes for positioning/fixing of the panels. Panels are fixed laterally on this post, with special spider fixators and one-way bolts. Posts are provided with a plastic cap. Maximum panels height is 3 meters high. Click on the image for more information.

Securifor post


80 x 60 x 2.5 mm or 120 x 60 x 3.0 mm (depending on the post length). The posts have a single row of M8 threaded inserts. The 4D fencing panels are fixed using specific fixators or full-length cover plates and one-way bolts. Click on the image for more information.



The Bekasecure post's design and high yield strength steel provide the ultimate in high security, rigidity, and ease of installation. Posts have a double range of holes 10 x 20 mm and the panels are secured with a continuous cover plate and specific inox security bolts. The open profile of the post (patented) allows for electrical or fiber optic cabling and is closed with a specific metal cap.  Post profile: 140 x 135 x 4.00 mm (up to 6 m fence height). Click on the image for more information.

Coating technique and colours

4D fencing panels are made out of galvanised wires. An adhesion coating is given for perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 microns).


Green RAL 6005
Other colors are available on request.

Fence height
Panel size
W x H
 2 000*  2 747.0 x 1 985.2
 2 400*  2 747.0 x 2 442.4
 3 000*  2 520.6 x 3 052.0


*Complete assortment is MTO. Other heights possible on request

Technical drawing


Securifor 4D & UniLox | Po-Po-Pa Installation

Securifor 4D & UniLox | Po-Pa-Po-Pa Installation

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