Alarm and fencing deterrence system

Secura® Pulse deterrence system consists of an inconspicuous network of electric wiring placed on fencing and gates.

Assets :
- Deterrence and detection
- Easy to handle
- Reliability
- Complies with European standards


EN - Flyer Secura Pulse

Available in :
Betafence Europe
United Kingdom
Betafence UK&I
Betafence USA
Betafence MENA
South & Central Africa
Betafence Africa
Betafence Asia & Oceania

Technical Information

Fences controllers

There are multiple kinds of fence controllers available for either a networked system where operation goes via PC, keypads and/or cell phone and integrations are possible with other security systems or a non-networked system where operation goes via the keypad.  

Z10 & Z20 sensors

The deterrence system constantly monitors the voltage of the fence for shorts and voltage drops to detect intruders touching the fence. 
Next to this, Z10 disturbance sensors can be installed to detect intruders trying to climb or to cut through the fence and Z20 tension sensors can be installed to detect intruders pulling the cables. 

Command center

When a networked controller is used, the electric fence can be controlled through the command center. 
Command center is a software package on which the electric fence can be figured, managed and monitored together with all possible peripheral devices.
The command center also integrates easily with many other applications such as most VMS/PSIM platforms. 


  • Deters intruders & detects attacks
  • Installed by certified Gallagher technicians
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Manufactured to international standards
  • Safe & reliable
  • Can operate standalone or integrated with an existing alarm panel
  • Design to minimize false alarms

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