Security fence for high end installation

Essential maximum security with premium delay factors make it ideal for military sites, prisons and other high-end installations:

- Easy on the eye
- Keep out
- See your site
- Rugged and robust

Betafence guarantee 10 years pvc

Technical Information


  • Panel size in mm : 3048 x 2385 or 2985
  • Aperture in mm : 12.8 x 12.8
  • Core wire diameter : 3.96 mm
  • After PVC Coating : 4.36 mm

Recommended posts



The Bekasecure post's design and high yield strength steel provide the ultimate in high security, rigidity, and ease of installation. Posts have a double range of holes 10 x 20 mm and the panels are secured with a continuous cover plate and specific inox security bolts. The open profile of the post (patented) allows for electrical or fiber optic cabling and is closed with a specific metal cap.

Securifor post

Securifor post

80 x 60 x 2.5 mm or 120 x 60 x 3.0 mm (depending on the post length). The posts have a single row of M8 threaded inserts. These high-security fences are fixed using specific fixators or full-length cover plates and one-way bolts.

Coating technic

The highly durable Zincalu and PVC coating guarantee a long product life-span and low maintenance, while the advanced anti-corrosion properties can handle any environment.

Fence Height (mm)


Width x height (mm)

Posts Length (mm)

Angle iron bottom rail angle iron posts  Bekasecure posts
2400 3048 x 2385 3000 2996 x 40 x 40 x 3 100 x 75 x 8 100 x 75 x 8
3000 3048 x 2985 3750 2996 x 40 x 40 x 3 100 x 75 x 8 100 x 75 x 8