crowd entrance control

Our crowd entrance control turnstiles BT4 and BT5 are part of our access control product range that works in perfect combination with our professional fencing systems.

- Simple and fast installation
- Long lifespan
- Operation and detection


EN - Flyer Turnstile BT4 EN - Flyer Turnstile BT5

Available in :
Betafence Europe
United Kingdom
Betafence UK&I
Betafence USA
Betafence MENA
South & Central Africa
Betafence Africa
Betafence Asia & Oceania

Technical Information

Frame or spindle

The frame and spindle consist of painted aluminium profiles.

Infill of the gate

The spindle revolves when pushed by a visitor.
The rotation of the column is controlled by a self-centering system which automatically places the column in the next starting position after every cycle. This avoids intermediate positions of the spindle.
In case of power failure, a person will never be trapped inside the turnstile.

Intelligent control unit

Setup and configuration adjustable to the customer's needs.
Display for diagnosing.
Various operating modes for each passage or direction: free access, controlled access (entrance or exit priority possible) and locked
Counting pulse for every movement.
Compatible with any access control system.
Easy crowd entrance control and diagnostic over IP (optional) or RS485 network.


Variants: spindle of 90° or 120°
Extensions: integrated access control
Maximum throughout:

  • 30/min for free passage
  • 17/min at proximity


Power supply: 24 Vac
Nominal current: 1.2 A
Operating temperature: -15°C to +45°C 

Single turnstile BT4

Turnstile BT4

Double turnstile BT5 

Turnstile BT5

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