Motorized speed folding gate

Faldivia® trackless speed gate is designed as an effective solution for quick closing or opening. It is a very solid, fast, and efficient solution for demanding customers. Programmable speed is about 1 meter per second
- Fast and safe
- Smart construction
- Long lifetime

EN - Flyer Faldivia Speed Folding Gate

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Technical Information

Construction & Infill

In house engineered and manufactured, Faldivia speed folding gate answers to the fast and growing demand for high-security access control. This folding gate is a good alternative to sliding gates thanks to its performance.

Faldivia is built with Posts section 160x160 or 200x200 mm, on a welded base plate. The Gate frame dimension is 80x60 mm or 100x100 mm.
Wings infill can fit your fence design. Our standard manufacturing is with tubular infill 40x40 mm. The spacing between bars is 110 mm.
- Flat panels infill (Nylofor 2D / 2DS)
- High-security panels (Securifor)
Depending on your project, you can also request for a specific quotation with other infills.

When wings are opened they disappear completely behind posts; thus your distance between your two posts corresponds to the total free space for gate passage.

Standard range width from 2 to 12 meters. Heights up to 4 000 mm. Please have a look at our assortment table.


Technical details

Our Faldivia® motorized gate benefits the following technicals details:

- Electrical cabinet equipped with controller and frequency converter,
- Worm gear motor with a hollow shaft, cast housing,
- Transmission via premium oil, meaning that operation is possible at very low temperatures,
- The galvanized and polyester coated guiding arms are made from steel tubes and are attached to the ball bearings,
- Hinge rolled and milled from one single piece, designed for heavy gates and intensive use,
- Possibility to lubricate the rotation shaft, ensuring silent operation,
- Massive construction, with strong anti-corrosion finish and dual ball bearings, ensure hassle-free operation under heavy loads,
- Strengthening ribs between posts and base plate,
- Special intermediate hinges can withstand vertical load up to 2500 Kg,
- An integrated lubrification system ensures reliability and silent operation in all conditions,
- IP 68 Electromagnetic lock with a maximum pressure of 540 Kg on closing, also keeps the gate in a closed position,
- For gates > 6 meters opening, two electromagnetic locks are installed, with total max. pressure of 1080 Kg,
- No moving mechanical parts,
- Additional optional access control elements to be connected to the controller, such as an induction loop.



Thanks to its unique own developed steering, Faldivia® speed folding gate offers several benefits to both users and installers
- Plug and play installation
- Fully pre-assembled product with Daab motor and frequency controller
- Drive Power: 0.37 Kw,


Faldivia® is a motorized gate delivered as a standard with the following safety elements:
- 6 safety strips in accordance with EN standard 13241
- 2 pairs of photocells
- 1 warning light
- Motor steering security: when an obstacle is detected the wing movement is reversed.


Faldivia® gates are well tested and certified. The standard CE certification is available as well as TUV certification. The CE certification is based on a wind load calculation and a force regulation, confirmed by an independent authority.
Faldivia® standard wind load calculation is Class 2 or 3  depending on the gate dimension. Standard steel gates, protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with EN ISO 1461.

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Many options available

To equip your speed folding gate, we propose you here the more commons ones:
- Key switch
- Keypad
- Remote Controls
- GSM Module for mobile phone opening
- Week/Year clock
- Inductive loops & loop detector
- Traffic lights (red/green)
- Dental strip

- Fence connection on posts
- Separate columns for access control
- Additional pair of photocells on separate colummns
- Additional safety STOP buttons
- Additional safety edges

- Heating element
- Led light to illuminate the free passage

- Other options on request

Coating technique and colors

Faldivia® gate is offered in two executions, depending on dimensions and customer's needs: 
- Completely hot-dip galvanized construction
- Hot-dip galvanized posts and powder coated PES.

Our standard colors are: 
- Green RAL 6005 or 6009
- White RAL 9010
- Grey Ral 7030
- Anthracite 7016
Other colors are possible on request.

  Height - in mm
Width* in mm 2000 2400 up to 4000
Single gate - 1 Wing - 2 Sections
2000 Wind load Class 2
1 x Electromagnetic lock
(2x540 Kg)
Wind load Class 2
2 x Electromagnetic lock
(2x540 Kg)
+ Ground catcher
4000 Wind load Class 3
2 x Electromagnetic lock
(2x540 Kg)
+ Ground catcher
5000 -
6000 -
Double gate - 2 wings - 4 sections
4000 Wind load Class 2
1 x Electromagnetic lock
540 Kg
Wind load Class 2
2 x Electromagnetic lock
(2x540 Kg)
​+ Ground catcher
7000 Wind load Class 3
2 x Electromagnetic lock
(2x540 Kg)
+ Ground catcher
9000 -
10 000 -
11 000 -
12 000 -


* Free passage - Special executions & dimensions are possible on request

TYPE Characteristics
Applications For intensive use
Motor type Daab Motor MK2
Drive power 0.37 kW
Frequency Controller EP 104
Power supply 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Inputs 4 free programmable inputs
- Normally Open
- Normally closed
Built in receiver 868 Mhz
Motor temperature range -45° to 40°
Controller temperature range 0° to 45° (without heating element)
Motor IP rating IP 54
Cabinet IP rating IP 65


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