Heavy 868 twin wire fencing panels

Nylofor® 2D Super 868 twin wire weldmesh panel features twin horizontal wires to give increased rigidity and resistance to vandalism.

- High rigidity 
- Resistance to cutting and vandalism
- Quality that lasts 
- Complete system
- Screeno® Wave privacy infill compatibility


EN - Flyer Nylofor 2DS Panels

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Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information


High rigidity - the use of welded mesh in conjunction with extra heavy double horizontal twin wires provides increased rigidity.

Resistance to vandalism - Nylofor 2D Super is recommended as the fencing system for applications where security is important due to the panels narrow mesh, heavy wires and resistance to cutting.

Quality - Betafence's coating technology guarantees a long product lifetime. 

Privacy infill option - Screeno Wave polypropylene privacy infill strips offer immediate and effective privacy.

Complete system - The Nylofor 2D Super system includes panels in different mesh apertures and heights, posts with adapted fixation systems and a large range of mesh and gates. All components guarantee a fast and professional installation.


The panels have a width of 2 500 mm and a height from 630 to 2 430 mm. The panels have vertical barbs of 30 mm on both side and are reversible (barbs at top or at the bottom)

  • Wire diameter: 
    • Horizontal: 2 x 8 mm 
    • Vertical: 6 mm 
  • Mesh: 200 x 50 

Associated posts



The heavy bar panels are fixed laterally onto the posts and secured with anti-vandal metal security fixators. The H-shape welded tubular posts (70 x 44 mm) are galvanized. PES coated and supplied with a polyamide cap and accessories. 

Bekafix Ultra

Bekafix Ultra

For medium to high-security applications: Bekafix Ultra posts are recommended. Same system as Bekafix standard post, but much stronger thanks to Magnelis steel. Welded tubular posts (70 x 44 mm) in H-shape with punched holes for positioning/fixing of the panels. Posts are provided with a plastic cap.



The heavy double bar panels are fixed on to the front side of the posts, they are first hung premounted metal clamps. 



Also fixed on the front side of this post, E-lox posts are very versatile and easy to install.



The heavy double bar panels are fixed on to the front side of the posts, and post height goes up to 4 meters. Panels fixation can be done with a clamp bar or butterfly fixators.

Nylofor - Twilfix posts

Nylofor Betafence

The heavy bar panels are fixed on the front side of the posts by means of fixators and security bolts.  The welded square tubular posts (60 x 60 mm) have inserts for fixing the panels and are covered with a plastic cap.

O-Lox Super

O-Lox Super

With this post, bar panels are also fixed on the front side with a cover plate, and thanks to its specific features it's compatible with Screeno Wave infill.

Associated swing gates

The Nylofor 2D and 2D Super system can be completed with Robusta single or double swing or sliding gates.

Coating technique and colors

This bar fencing is made out of galvanized wires. An adhesion coating is given for a perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 microns).

Green RAL 6005 - Anthracite RAL 7016 - Black RAL 9005 - Green RAL 6009
Other colors are available on request. 

Fence height

Nylofor 2D Super 
W x H

 630  2 500 X 630
 830  2 500 X 830

1 030

2 500 x 1030

1 230

2 500 x 1230

1 430

2 500 x 1430

1 630

2 500 x 1630

1 830

2 500 x 1 830

2 030

2 500 x 2 030

2 230 2 500 X 2 230

2 430

2 500 x 2 430


Nylofor 2DS & Bekafix

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