Transform the sports center into a place for social gatherings usable not only by the local sports associations, but also by all citizens of the Brianza communities: the intent that led the redevelopment of the Municipal Sports Center Brugherio (MI).

The municipal sports center is divided into two areas: one for the swimming and fitness center (with gym) and the other area including football, athletics and tennis; there is also a bar as a supplementary service to meet the dining needs and aggregation of users. The renovation work included the soccer fields in natural and artificial turf, running track, locker rooms, the tennis area and more. And it is for the football area that has been involved Betafence as a specialized company in the field sporting plant. Manufacturer recognized for the reliability of its solutions in terms of safety and professionalism, Betafence offers a wide range of proposals aimed at sports facilities. Homologated for sports fields, it offers fencing systems approved for your specific needs allowing for the orderly conduct of official business. For tennis courts, sports centers and offers solutions not approved plants are not subject to special regulations, but necessary to ensure the safety of players, spectators and staff. Rigid and with a high level of security, Nylofor® 2DS is a fixed fence system consists of steel panels, gates and poles of different heights. The systems are complemented by horizontal beams galvanized and coated in polyester. They are fitted with spikes of 30 mm on one side only, a deterrent for the override. The laying can be effected with the tips pointing upwards or downwards according to the requirement of greater or lesser safety. Its special feature is the strength given by the materials used and the installation techniques. In our project, Nylofor® 2DS was employed as anti-climb over outer perimeter fence to prevent unauthorized access and introduction of dangerous objects and to separate the playing area from the gallery dedicated to the spectators.

In pursuant version it complies with all applicable safety regulations of the sports facilities (UNI 10121 and the Ministerial Decree 18 March 1996, Law "Pisanu" June 6, 2005, EN 13200-3). These rules establish the minimum standards and recommended values for the design of internal and external separation element. Nylofor® 2DS is a product that remains unchanged over time, one more reason to be applied in those places where the décor is an important parameter; like all professional products, Nylofor® 2DS Betafence has a ten-year guarantee on coatings that have undergone and passed stringent corrosion resistance test. Thanks to the important redevelopment project which has been the subject, the structure is now more functional and safer. Today, the City of Brugherio can rely on a complex renovated most suitable to promote the spread of sport and also a more suitable space for aggregation and socialization for all the citizens.

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